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TOPHER TALKS: Topher chats with Celebs Go Dating’s sexpert Dr Tara!

This month, GLL’s Blonde Bombshell Topher Taylor speaks to Dr Tara, a sex and relationship expert spreading a message of positivity and curiosity

So Dr Tara, introduce yourself to the GayLondonLife readers.

I’m a tenured professor of relational and sexual communication at California State University Fullerton, an award-winning researcher, a sex and relationship coach, and the host of Luvbites by Dr. Tara, a podcast that focuses on sexual wellness and sexploration. My work has been featured in KTLA News, NBC News, Paper Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health Magazine, Insider, Refinery29, and other media outlets. I’m also on the advisory board for the MŌN app and Superstars app.

What made you interested in sex and relationships?

I’ve always been a sexually curious person. I went to an all-girls private catholic school and my first sexual interaction was with a girl. However, it was so sexually repressive there so
I put my curiosity aside to fit in. Fast forward to my late 20s living in LA, I meet many inspiring people who are sexually open-minded and it shows me that when you embrace your sexuality, life can be a lot more fulfilling. On the academic side, I learned from research how sexual satisfaction is intertwined with relationship satisfaction yet it’s not talked about enough in mainstream culture. I wanted to be a part of the solution to a big universal problem. How does it feel to have over two million followers on TikTok?

It’s a good sign for sex positivity! I think my generation (millennials) and the younger generation are ready for more of this in the world. We’re more likely to embrace differences in gender, sexual orientation, expressions, attraction, and relationship structures than previous generations and I think that’s a beautiful thing. Love is love.

Tell us a bit about your podcast?

I started Luvbites by Dr. Tara podcast because of my own interest in sexuality. I wanted to interview sexperts on what they know, as well as other people on their life experiences and sexploration. It became very popular and I just love that I can normalise conversations about sex on a daily basis.

And what do you do for Celebs Go Dating?
I am the new agent at the Celebrity Dating Agency, a matchmaking and lifestyle coaching agency. It’s such an amazing show and I can’t wait for everyone to watch the new series. The twelfth series of Celebs Go Dating is coming out soon!

What’s the best piece of sex advice you’d give to queer people? Self-knowledge is one of the most powerful things in the world — my top advice would be to explore and learn more about yourself. What are your true desires? What are your boundaries? How can you honour your curiosity, pleasure, and time with your sexual partner or partners to the fullest?

What about when it comes to dating?

Approach dating with a positive and playful mindset while truthfully communicating what you’re looking for in a relationship. Too many people are doing one but not the other… you have to do both! Why date if it’s not fun and honest?

And finally, what are your plans for the future?

My mission is to normalise conversations about sex in mass media so you’ll see me more on TV, in magazines, and on the news. I also just got a book deal! I’ll dive deep into helping people understand their sexual profiles and how to live the most sexually fulfilling life.

luvbites.co / @luvbites.co @tophertaylor

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