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The Healing Powers of PLEASUREDROME

Pleasuredrome can help you succeed in all of your New Year’s Resolutions. Yes, really! Gay London Life shows you how..

Make New Friends

This one’s easy. As one of London’s biggest saunas, Pleasuredrome welcomes a regular stream of men and all of them come with the intent of meeting somebody. How ludicrous would it be to come to a gay sauna in the hope of being left alone? Exactly. Whether you want a friendly chin-wag at the bar or another type of chin-wag somewhere else, you’ll find it here.

Feel Less Stressed

Life, eh? It can get tough at times,
so we all need a way to wind down and relax. Why not, then, treat yourself to a massage from one of Pleasuredrome’s therapists? They last 50 minutes and happen in the private massage suite. Take our word, you’ll leave feeling completely reborn. Or at least slightly less stiff in your neck.

Get Healthier

Saunas are just healthy places — good for your heart, good for your skin, good for stress-relief. And there’s also the simple fact that sex is has its own health benefits, too — good for your heart, good for your skin, good for stress-relief. Bring the two together and you’ve got an elixir that should be prescribed on the NHS.

Make the Most of Your Time

It’s easy to get into the habit of waking up, going to work, coming home, watching telly and going to sleep. Spice things up a little! Pleasuredrome is open 24/7, every day of the year, baby. Go before breakfast. Head there on your lunch break. Pop down at 3am while you’re staring at the ceiling during bouts of sleeplessness.

Travel More

OK, we’ll concede that we’re pushing our luck with this one. Nobody considers a trip to Waterloo travelling. However, with Pleasuredrome’s sun-beds, you can take a ten-minute holiday and go to work on Monday morning with a glowing complexion that’s sure to draw envious gazes. Because that’s the real point of travelling, right?

Pleasuredrome, 124 Cornwall Road, SE1 8XE Nearest Station: Waterloo


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