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Our Chezza is back, taking on your JUNE dilemmas

Hello, my divas! Just when I thought we’d solved all of London’s life problems, here we are with another outbreak of issues. But do not stress my dolls, doctor Cheryl is here with the vaccine for all your issues. Boyfriend troubles, friends being fake… I’ve got you covered! So shall we take a peruse into the June dilemmas? 


Hi Cheryl, 

I need your help. I have this friend who’s very opinionated and feels he needs to get involved in everyone’s issues. He seems to want to ‘coach’ everyone all of the time and he keeps putting himself in between me and my bf. I don’t know how to approach things without causing an argument, what should I do? 

David, Tuffnell Park

Hey David, my diva. Now we all have that one friend that thinks they know everything. Sometimes these divas need to know their place and when they’ve overstepped their boundaries. It’s all about how you approach it though — too abrasive and the guards will come up and the machine guns will come out. Just say that it’s all about the right time and right place, and as much as you appreciate their advice, you will seek it out from them if you require it. 


Hey Cheryl, 

My best friend has got a new boyfriend. When I met him, I realised we’d shagged ages ago. I had a chat with him and he doesn’t want me to mention it but I feel conflicted. What should I do? 

Blake, Chelsea

Hey Blake. Look, this is London so it’s inevitable that gays will cross paths and cross swords. At the end of the day, there needs to be a mutual ground between both of you. Personally, I would let my friend know and you can joke about it as it was, as you say, AGES ago. But if the current boyfriend just wants to blow it over, then penis WHO? 


Hi Cheryl, 

This month is the start of Pride season and a whole bunch of festivals. As you are the queen of lewks, I wondered what your go-to festival items are? 

Bruce, Brixton 

Oh Bruce, Prides and festivals are truly marathons for us dolls and most places will only let in small bags and fanny packs so it’s about packing the absolute essentials. So always have a portable charger if your phone is running low, always have a mint in case you wanna feel fresh and fruity, and regardless of what people say, go for comfort over fashion in the footwear department but obviously make it work with the look. The last thing you want is to be feeling it in your feet after an hour!


Hi Cheryl

My mates are going on holiday to different places this summer. I can only afford one holiday and am torn about which friendship group to go with. How do I make a decision and not upset the friends I decide not to go with?

Luke. Stanstead

Luke my darling, at the end of the day, your friends should be your friends regardless of finances and choices. The choice has to be a selfish one on your part and what YOU actually want to do. So if you want to tan and feel your beach babe fantasy, go with that group. If you wanna go be Dora the Explorer around a new city? Well, baby… get that backpack and map! 


Hi Cheryl, 

I have been offered my dream job this week, but the only issue is it’s not in London anymore but in Bristol. This would involve me moving and my boyfriend has already said he won’t. I don’t really know what to do, any advice would be amazing. 

Sam, Wandsworth 

Hey Sam, oh lord that’s a tricky one. The reality is, that your dream job doesn’t come knocking on the door every day. Life and relationships are about sacrifice and putting in work. Bristol to London is only an hour and forty minutes away on the train. I know quite a few people, including my sister Janey Jacké, who make long-distance relationships work, some even in different countries. I say follow your dreams and fly my love! You can always see how it goes.


Hi Cheryl, 

So I made a few changes over the pandemic, some of which I love but I do have one massive regret and that’s pushing my finances to buy a bigger place so I could have my office at home. I’m now struggling to keep up with my friends’ lifestyles and feel I’m missing out on a lot being so far out of town. I do love my new place though what should I do? 

Mark, Sevenoaks

Mark my darling! Money is the devil and puts so much pressure on us all. Life is too short to be worrying about things like that. I know when I was in lockdown I was craving more space, but if this house is stopping you from doing things and having fun, try to work out if the house is holding you back or is your true happiness at home? I thoroughly enjoy being an at-home diva and just remember…. THESE PEOPLE CAN COME TO SEE YOU AT YOUR GORGEOUS PLACE! 

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