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Libidex “Hard and Heavy” Range Blows Up!

The idea behind this new range is fetishism in its purest form. Things that would really turn your head and make you take notice. This is a serious but also playful collection!

One of the highlights worth checking is the often requested inflatable range.

Male Inflatable Top

From our incredible visually stunning Inflatable Sarcophagus (if we may say so ourselves) to Inflatable hoods, tops, and shorts of varying lengths.

We’ve gone inflatable crazy. We’ve even designed an inflatable sleep sack for the more extreme amongst you.

You now can buy the first Libidex vacuum bed which is placed over your mattress like a bedsheet and has a simple large opening at the bottom to climb into.

Laced Mitts

If latex bondage is your thing, you will be pleased to know we have many super stylish harnesses, gag collars, armbinders, palm mitts, blindfolds, and much more.

For the more sexually adventurous, check out our new Blow Shorts, Reverse Blow shorts, Wanking Sheath Mitt and one of our favourites the Vagina briefs. So, as you can see no perverted stone was left unturned!


There are also a few fetish fashion items thrown into the mix for good measure –so don’t forget to check our Professor coat, Loop G-String, Charlie Bum out leggings, and probably our kinkiest style yet the Pouch Shorts Ball Crusher.

Of course, this collection is not all about the lads and many styles are unisex, like all the hoods. But if that isn’t enough you’ll be glad to know we are working hard to bring a full Hard & Heavy collection for the ladies as well- watch this space.

All New – VAC BED

Oh…and last but not least, we haven’t forgotten about your home. You can now also sleep in latex bedding and shower in full rubber glory with our super kinky latex shower curtain and bedding set.

You can shop the FULL range HERE.

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