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Introducing hot new underwear brand, Cecilio Wear

Seeing as ‘And Just Like That…’ starts in the next couple of days, let’s kick this off with a reference to Sex and The City, shall we? Cast your mind back to that episode where Stanford Blatch builds himself up to go to a gay underwear night in the hope of meeting somebody called BigTool4U he had been speaking to in a chatroom (Gen Z’ers, Google it…or don’t). The final scene shows Stanford getting his choice of tighty-whiteys complimented and the waistband twanged in appreciation. 

Cecilio Classic Truck – Bristol Blue

Why are we bringing this up? Well, basically, everybody loves receiving kind words about their smalls ― almost as much as getting praised for what lies underneath ― and we’re pretty certain that you’re sure to draw admiring glances in Cecilio Wear’s new range.

Cecilio Class Truck – Shell Pink

Designed in the UK and made in Portugal, the company sells briefs and trunks based on two principles ― one, that they allow wearers to express themselves freely, and two, ensuring that the whole process is as eco-friendly as possible, from manufacturing to packaging. Hard to find fault with that, wouldn’t you agree?

Cecilio Classic Truck – White

And of course, it couldn’t be a better time of year to bring this to your attention. Every man ― and everyone else on the gender spectrum, for that matter ― loves receiving underwear at Christmas. Getting to wear whatever you opened underneath the tree is perhaps the only saving grace of January. If you start dropping subtle hints now to boyfriends, mothers, and everyone in your office’s secret Santa draw, you might well strut into 2022 with something fetching from Cecilio Wear peeping above your jeans.

Check out the range at ceciliowear.com

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