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Hit your fitness goals with ProTrainer

The nights are officially drawing in and winter is coming, so now is the real time to think about getting fit and hitting those fitness goals ready for next Summer.  We caught up with Barry, PRO TRAINER PT, who told us all about training, getting fit and how he can help you get success from your training.

Hi Barry, so tell us all about yourself and Pro-Trainer…

My name is Barry and I have been training myself for over 30 years and have been a Personal Trainer for the last 16 years.

I started lifting weights in my dad’s shed when I was a kid which led to me playing lots of sports at school, from rugby to basketball and eventually boxing. That’s when my passion for weight lifting began and I entered the world of competitive bodybuilding for over 18 years. 

It was a natural progression into becoming a PT to share my knowledge and enthusiasm for something that’s so good for the body and mind. I have worked with all abilities ranging from complete beginners in the gym to those that are more advanced.

I believe the best approach to training and nutrition is keeping it simple and basic. Everyone can achieve their goals with the right methodology and routine, consistency is key.

I offer 1- 1 Personal Training in Central London/ City in a private PT only gym as well as home visits. I specialise in Weight loss, strength & conditioning & obviously bodybuilding .

PT gym:

Single session £75

10 sessions £690

20 sessions £1,350

Home training:

Single session £85

10 sessions £782

20 sessions £1,530

Visit www.pro-trainer.co.uk for full details.

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