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WILD ABOUT YOU comes to London for TWO dates this March!

The songs from new musical WILD ABOUT YOU will be performed on stage for the first time this month, all with the help of a few famous faces…

Putting on a new musical isn’t just a case of writing a few songs, shoehorning them into a script and ringing up Idina Menzel to see if she’s free. No, it’s a lengthy process with lots of small steps, all to ensure the final version is as good as it can possibly be.

Take WILD ABOUT YOU, a new work by Chillina Kennedy and Eric Holmes. So far, an album of the songs has been recorded and, this March, those songs will be performed live on stage for the first time — and guess what, this is going to happen in little ol’ London town!

The cast is sure to have more than a few readers rushing to book seats. Not only
is Eric McCormick of Will and Grace fame going to be tackling a few of the numbers, but choreographer and musician Todrick Hall will be joining him, too. Rachel Tucker, Oliver Tompsett, Tori Allen-Martin and Jamie Muscato make up the rest of the cast.

If all goes to plan, WILD ABOUT YOU could be hitting stages in its fully-realised glory in the next year or two, but musical obsessives will relish the chance to witness this early star-studded incarnation.

Monday 25th and Tuesday 26th March, Theatre Royal Drury Lane, Catherine Street, WC2B 5JF. Nearest Station: Covent Garden


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