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When All Is Said by Fuel…. Will you join the call?

What secrets would you tell a complete stranger?

A long taxi ride becomes a winding long journey into the past and the histories that shape us… a phone call conversation opens up a powerful set of revelations about incarceration and the criminal justice system… a university campus becomes a breeding ground for anti-trans hostility… the child of enslaved parents asks what freedom can really look like… A Black trans man embraces his queer manhood by challenging his own toxic masculinity. Contained within these new stories by Travis AlabanzaFelix Mufti-WrightOctavia NyombiEbun Sodipo and Campbell X, are secrets – and you’re invited to listen.


When All Is Said is a collection of 5 short plays, written by 5 Black trans people, in their own voices, delivered over the phone. Curated by Travis Alabanza and directed by Emily Aboud and Leian John-BaptisteWhen All Is Said offers you the opportunity to sit back and listen, as these worlds and journeys are brought to life.


“A thought-provoking piece that made you evaluate your own decisions”

As each play is delivered over the phone in real-time, capacities are very limited and you’re only able to purchase 1 ticket per time slot. Once booked, your ticket will allow access to one play by one writer, which will be randomly selected. One ticket allows access for one household, so if you would like to listen to the play with others, you will need to be next to each other when you get your call. Each play is between 10-20 minutes long.

If you would like to listen to all five plays, please add five different time slots to your basket, apply the code FIVESECRETS and receive £5 off your basket.

Where: Over the phone, hosted by Shoreditch Town Hall
When: 2 – 6 May 2023, 6pm–10pm (you can pick a slot)
How much: £6 per performance, or use the discount code above to listen to all five.


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