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WEARINGHERS celebrates men wearing lingerie, nylon and lycra, we find out MORE!

You might not have realised, but there is a huge underground scene celebrating men wearing lingerie, nylon, and lycra who like to meet socialise and play. There is one such club in London already. It’s called WEARINGHERS and we caught up with the promoter “Sissybloke” to find out all about it.

Here’s what he had to say.

GLL: Hello sissybloke, firstly, can you tell us about your event “Wearinghers”.

SB: Hello, nice to meet you . Well, wearinghers is quite simply UNIQUE, nothing else like it exists in the World. Wearinghers is a monthly event for masculine men who enjoy slipping into lingerie, nylons, lycra, and maybe even heels and spending their time with other like-minded individuals.

GLL: But surely there are many venues for crossdressers, even here in London?

SB: Well , those venues and events cater to those who wish to appear and act feminine. They do their best to be as “convincing” as possible, complimenting their lingerie with dresses, make-up, wigs etc.. to appear and “pass” as “female” as possible.

Wearinghers Club is NOT like that at all . You see, many men have fetishes, whether they be for sneakers, leather, rubber, skinhead gear etc… Their appearance and clothing is a fetish for them, which enhances their personality and helps fulfill their needs and desires.

MANY naturally masculine men also have a fetish for female lingerie. However, it is the clothing and appearance itself that they have an affinity with. They don’t want to look or act feminine. They are comfortable in their masculinity, they want to keep their beards and hairy bodies, they want to look like “men” , but , they also happen to have a fetish for lingerie and heels.

Nowadays, there is greater understanding and tolerance for transvestites and transgender people , and so there should be, I myself am a great supporter of people finding and living their true selves.

However, there has never been much understanding or tolerance for naturally masculine men who like to slip on some stockings and suspenders!

They live their lives in secret.

GLL:  You say “They live their lives in secret” , so, how did this secrecy affect you, in your own life?

SB: Well , as a young man on the gay scene, I myself had fetishes for other “images” and styles of clothing. For many years I was a leather boy and a gay skinhead and frequented all of the local and international parties. However, no-one knew that I was also wearing my stockings and suspenders underneath my other, very hyper-masculine clothing .

Many invitations to go home with a guy resulted in me being “kicked out”, once my lingerie was revealed, with the guy saying “ I wanted a boy, not a girl”.

So , the most immediate conclusion jumped to is that , if a guy is in to lingerie, then, he must be feminine, or chasing femininity and wanting to be a woman or a girl and not a man.

For many guys, this is not the case at all. We are happy just being normal blokes, natural and masculine, we just find lingerie sexy!

GLL: So , how did the Wearinghers event come about?

SB: Well , we have actually been running for over 10 years! We are London’s biggest event that nobody has heard of! This is because the gay scene and press, in general, have never been supportive of our niche community. So, I am REALLY grateful to be having this conversation with Gay London Life today, it means a lot to me and will mean a lot to other individuals who will realise “ I am not alone”.

10 YEARS AGO, The Backstreet Bar in Mile End (now closed) offered us a once-a-month evening, to hold our event. In those days, we called the event Club Linger. When The Backstreet closed down, we were offered a new slot at The Bunker Bar. The BUNKER Bar have been VERY supportive and we re-branded the event as “Wearinghers”.

In the early days of the internet, when bulletin boards and IRC, Elite Groups, Yahoo Groups, etc… existed the keyword search for finding masculine men who wore lingerie was “wearinghers”. This word dropped out of fashion/usage by the 2000’s and so we resurrected that term, in homage to our heritage.

GLL: So , what can men expect to find at a wearinghers event?

SB: The minimum we have always wanted to provide, is simply a safe and secure place where masculine men, who enjoy wearing lingerie, can meet up and socialise, in public, over a drink and conversation.

A place where they no longer feel alone and isolated because they have this fetish. A place that is non-judgemental and totally accepting. All ages, all sizes. Because of this, many heterosexual men also enjoy coming along to our club nights. For the men at our events who identify as gay or bisexual, there is a naughtier side to our events!

You see our venue, The Bunker Bar has darkrooms, play areas, slings, and gloryholes and so many of our guys do go to town in those areas ! We also welcome males who do not dress, males who are “admirers”, and quite a few come along, to enjoy the atmosphere and festivities!

So, Wearinghers Club welcomes guys who love to wear lingerie, nylons, satins, lace, and lycra/spandex (heroes, zentai, etc…). Many guys wear high heels too, or, you can just wear flat male shoes or trainers etc…

No dresses, No wigs, No makeup, No trying to look/act feminine. Just natural, masculine, rugged men, who have a desire to wear HERS ! The venue has a very discreet entrance and there is a large changing room, bag check, and venue Security.

We hold our Event on the Second Thursday of every month at The Bunker Bar,  217-221 City Rd, London EC1V 1JN, from 6 pm to 10 pm.

Full details are on our website at www.wearinghers.club

GLL: It’s been enlightening talking to you today sissybloke, thanks for dropping by.

SB: It is my pleasure and thank you and everyone at Gay London Life for giving us the opportunity to inform others, wearers, and admirers, that you are not alone and a friendly welcome awaits you at our events. Sissybloke xxx

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