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We catch up with Paul Joseph ahead of the Athena Summer Party this weekend!

Hey Paul, tell us a bit about how Athena came to be.

At some point over Christmas 2016, I heard a 1981 album track by Aneka (of Japanese Boy fame) called ‘Come Back To Me’. It’s a stunning track with an operatic vocal that verges on being ridiculous.

It encapsulated what is so unique about ‘80s pop — heartfelt, no irony, giving it 110% and a total banger. Some ‘80s nights tend to be a bit silly with headbands and Rubik’s Cubes, but I decided I wanted to do an ‘80s night where I just presented the music and visuals as they are.

I pitched it to Mark and Lee, Eagle London’s owner and creative director, and they gave me a chance to try it out. We launched in February 2017.

What’s an 80s hit you’ve fallen in love with for the first time recently?

‘Breakaway’ by Donna Summer. It’s the fourth single from her amazing 1989 Stock Aitken & Waterman album. It’s easily overlooked but it’s a beautifully warm and optimistic song about moving on.

Do you think there’ll come a time when we’ll fall out of love with 80s music?
No. The decade produced so much amazing music that there will always be something for people to (re) discover and adore.

And what about 80:20?

80:20 is Athena’s sassy little sister – it’s the spin-off, like The Colbys was from Dynasty. The music policy is wider – 1980 to 2020 – but it has the same ethos of playing tunes from across genres and celebrating the forgotten gems as well as the big hits.

What do you love about DJing at Eagle London?

It’s a great venue that’s really comfortable, hassle-free and welcoming. They’ve got an amazing team and a friendly diverse crowd. Great for a drink, a dance, a chat, a snog – whatever you want!

ATHENA’S Summer Party is this Saturday at Eagle London! 


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