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We catch up with one of the busiest faces on the scene, MJ Palmer the man behind JOCK

When well-known Manchester event organiser and host MJ Palmer moved to London in 2019, one of the reasons for the relocation was to expand JOCK Party, his club night that incorporated the mild side of a fetish night with all the fun of a dance party.

He expected his plans to face some challenges, but he didn’t anticipate a global pandemic and national lockdown that would bring nightlife to a standstill. To keep himself busy, he launched JOCK Shop in April 2020, which sells underwear, fashion, toys and fetish gear.

After an eventful few years, we sat down and talked to MJ Palmer about the ever-expanding JOCK empire.

HI MJ, So what’s been going on with JOCK since we spoke last?

Wow, so much! It’s been a mad twelve months getting the JOCK shop ready and running well, with loads of new product ranges launched and an overhaul of the poppers shop’s design and range.

We’ve also started the private shopping experiences, which people really love. On the
party front, Manchester’s nights have been going fantastically well and we’ve got plans to bring it back to London again around Pride time. We’re also in talks for our Lube Wrestling party to launch in London at some point in the next few months.

Describe the JOCK Shop vibe in 3 words

That’s an easy one – fashion, party and play.

Tell us more about the products you offer.

So, there’s men’s underwear and fashion to cater for everyone. We’ve got a load of new ranges coming later in the year. That includes our own brand as well as some well-known labels, like Garcon Model and Barcode, plus some up-and-coming brands like THK. We’ve also got a vast collection of gay sex toys, everything from penis
enhancers and cock toys to bondage restraints and fisting accessories. Also, we have our separate poppers website where we offer loads of brands you normally have to import from Europe.

What’s your favourite range of products?

It’s got to be our tribe range, which features t-shirts, crops, hats, and necklaces with gay tribes in the logo design. So that’s anything from Bear, Twink, and Jock, to more risque slang terms like Slut, Homo and Bender. They’ve become really popular and we’ve
had great feedback on them.

You mentioned your private shopping sessions earlier – how do they work?

So customers can go to our website and book a 60-minute slot at our Covent Garden showroom/ private store. We’ve got our full range of products available for customers to try on and see if they like them before buying. Not everyone likes online shopping so we
wanted to offer an extra layer to our brand.

If we booked a personal appointment, what lovely stuff would you recommend as it’s Valentine’s month?

Well, we’ve got our Iove heart JOCK t-shirts, plus a JOCK love crop and jock set which is really cute. We’d also recommend getting something from our XXX store to spice up the day.

And will you be ‘giving’ or ‘receiving’ a Valentine’s Card this year?

Ha! Who doesn’t love finding out that they have a secret admirer (or two) out there? I know that I will be sending out a few to mine for sure! So, this year I guess I will be a ‘giver’ and a ‘receiver’.

What can we expect from JOCK in the future?

We’re going to keep adding brands to the shop, as well as more hard-to-find European and American poppers to help us stand out a little in the UK market. Keep an eye out for a JOCK Party around Pride time and maybe even a little lube wrestling…

jockparty.com / jockparty.shop

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