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We catch up with drag diva and co-founder of FunnyBoyz Linda Gold

FunnyBoyz has been putting on shows across the nation at a rate that would make Barbra blush. We caught up with drag diva and co-founder Linda Gold to hear about their latest ventures, and the events we have to look forward to.

You’ve recently been branching out all over town recently! Tell us about taking on a few new venues. 

We’re super excited to be joining the team at the Two Brewers in Clapham but we are also retaining our central London presence at ‘The Loop’ just a few steps from the City of Quebec – our former home. We’ve also secured events at Village -Soho, which means the gays don’t need to travel too far for Bingo. The acquisition of the two takes our presence in London to another level.

Every queen has her season, from spooky autumn to chilly winter. Which of the FunnyBoyz clan will be in HEAT this sunny season?

I would say that’s Tequila Thirst. Nothing quenches the Summer thirst like a shot of Tequila! She’s one of our Areas Managers and oversees our London events. Tequila has been with us since we launched & works in perfect sync with our “Loop” Manager, Tanya LaCoq.   Tanya is also on fire this summer after hosting  Enfield Pride with the rest of the Funnyboyz.

Your Drag Race streaming nights are a wild time. Why can’t people get enough of it?

People will always enjoy Drag Race but, I am going to be a bit controversial: the Drag Race market is highly saturated.  There are so many Drag Race franchisees and hundreds of RuQueens on the scene so, it’s not the novelty it once was. Having said that, we must always remember that Drag Race was the main driver behind the drag explosion here in the UK, and helped it become part of today’s mainstream & for that we must always be grateful to Mamma Ru.

Getting up in drag is famously painful when the temperatures climb. Do you have a red-hot drag disaster story to share?

I once did Maspalomas Pride in baking 40-degrees heat. I went on the stage as Linda in full drag and came off as Mikey, (my boy name). The face literally dripped off to non-existence by the end of the set. Thinking back, I probably should have done a “de-drag” to “This is Me” from ‘The Greatest Showman’!

It’s set to be a sizzling summer here in London, are there any events that folks should definitely be attending this July?  

As well as our international, award-winning Bingo events which are now No.1 on Trip Advisor,  – we’re also hosting stateside Drag Superstars like Orion Story, Cynthia lee Fontaine and All-Stars legend Pandora Boxx. Regulars like Choriza May, Crystal, Elektra Fence and fan favourite, Resident Queen Sum Ting Wong will also be making a comeback.   We are also launching our own Radio Show! As always, there’s too much going on to mention so check our site.  www.funnyboyz.co.uk

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