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Warner Goudie Agency: WGA – A New Era in LGBTQ+ Talent Representation

In a landmark move for the LGBTQ+ community, two of the largest queer talent
agencies have merged, creating a global powerhouse in LGBTQ+ entertainment. The
Warner Talent Agency from the USA and Goudie Events from Europe have united to
form the Warner Goudie Agency, now headquartered in London. This merger marks a
significant moment for the queer community, symbolizing not just the growth of
LGBTQ+ representation in the entertainment industry but also the international
collaboration and unity within the community.

A Global Network
The Warner Goudie Agency has offices across the globe, including the USA, Vienna,
Berlin, Milan, New Zealand, Sydney, Tokyo, and now London. This extensive network
positions the agency as a dominant force in the entertainment market, offering
unparalleled opportunities for LGBTQ+ artists and talents. The agency’s reach
extends across the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Europe, and Asia,
ensuring that artists have access to global opportunities, not just in their home

Leadership with Experience
The agency is led by Mark Warner and Ian Goudie, two veterans in the entertainment
industry with over 30 years of experience. Their expertise encompasses touring,
production, and talent management, bringing a wealth of knowledge and insight to
the new agency. Warner, from Warner Talent Agency, expressed his enthusiasm
about this venture, highlighting its significance for LGBTQ+ talent: “It’s truly a new
day for the LGBTIQ+ talent as they now have an agency that is 100% LGBTIQ+
owned to represent them in the entertainment market.”

Diverse Talent Representation
The Warner Goudie Agency boasts the largest array of LGBTIQ+ artists, including
drag queens, comedians, musicians, influencers, and offering full creative
development services. This diverse talent pool underscores the agency’s commitment
to representing the full spectrum of the queer community.
Major Productions and Initiatives

The agency is set to launch major productions in the UK, including plans on the West
End, Snatch Game Live, Queens of the World Global Tour, and the world’s biggest
reality drag talent search. This search, dubbed ‘Drag Lab’, is a phenomenal
competition running in Sydney, New Zealand, London, across Europe, and the USA.Winners from these regions will compete in the UK for a grand finale prize of £5000.

Anita Wigl’it, expressing her excitement, said, “I am so excited as I now have global
representation – about time!”

Anita Wigl’it

A United Voice
The merger of Warner and Goudie represents more than just a business venture; it’s
a unification of voices and talents in the queer community. Jonbers Blonde
commented, “It’s so exciting that these incredible agencies are coming together,
getting to work with our sensational sisters across the world. This isn’t vs the world,
this is our worlds coming together.”

The Warner Goudie Agency is not just an agency; it’s a symbol of the power, unity,
and vibrancy of the LGBTQ+ community. It represents a significant step forward in
ensuring that LGBTQ+ voices are heard and celebrated on a global stage.

For thoseinterested in joining this groundbreaking agency, they can reach out via


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