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WAD 2022 Fundraisers: Our Faves!

Since 1988, World AIDS Day has taken place on December 1st and there are always plenty of ways that you can mark the occasion — here are just a few of the events happening in London.

Club Kali

Club Kali Meets Duckie

For those that like to be tucked up in bed at a reasonable hour, a special event from two of the capital’s cult favourite club nights will be taking over Eagle London between 2pm and 8pm on Saturday 3rd December. Across the day, there will be performances from Sadiq Ali, Emiko Ishii and Ozgen Ozgec, plus music from the likes of DJ Ritu, Readers Wifes and MC Azara. Best of all, money raised will be going to AIDS Memory UK, a group campaigning for a memorial to be constructed for all those that have lost their lives from the disease.

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Daisy Pullers

Daisy Puller’s World AIDS Day Cabaret

After a sell-out show last year, Daisy Puller is bringing her cabaret fundraiser back to Freedom Bar to whip up some money for Positively UK, an organisation that provides peer-led support, advocacy and information to everyone living with HIV. She’s gathered together a huge list of performers from the scene, including Sadie Sinner, Coco Femme Fontaine, Asia Thorne and Beau Jangles, who will keep attendees entertained and enthralled. Better still, the club night CHIC! follows on immediately afterwards, so you can hit the dance floor knowing you’ve done something good.

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Sunday Cabaret

Sunday Cabaret

 Something of a South London staple that you need to tick off your list at the very least once, Sunday Cabaret at the RVT is always a raucous way to squeeze a little more out of the weekend, but this time, the team at Terrence Higgins Trust will be in attendance and raising some coin so it can carry out its incredible work. Miss Penny and the Dame Edna Experience will be up on stage, while Simon Le Vans and Mike Menace will be spinning hi-NRG gems on the decks, too.

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Ku WAD 2022

Ku Bar World Aids Day Raffle  

If you don’t know about the Ku World Aids Day raffle, then you must have been living under a rock! This Soho institution has been putting on it’s incredible WAD raffle for years, with amazing experiences, gifts and more to bid on! Dig deep and help Ku raise another amazing amount for The Food Chain this year. Hosted by the gorgeous Vicki Vivacious.

For more info, click here


Mulwade presents: World AIDS Day

A little while after the actual day, there will be a fundraiser on Friday 9th December at Electrowerkz for Mulwade, a new charity that provides support for people who have contracted HIV through deliberate or reckless HIV transmission by another. The icon that’s Bimini Bon Boulash will be hosting the evening and you can expect a fab roster of performers to join her up on stage.

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