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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

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Vote for “Walkies”

As polls are open throughout the day today until 10 pm, both local council and mayoral elections are happening across London and the UK.

Our favourite part of today is of course Dogs At Polling Stations!! Pictures of your beloved pooch at a polling station have become a wonderful tradition alongside getting out and rocking the vote!! 

Make sure you go have your say! and if you have a pooch make sure you take a snap. We are re-tweeting your gorgeous pooches all day, so make sure you tag @gay_london_life on twitter and we’ll re-tweet your beautiful furry pal.!! 

Just in case you weren’t sure if you can take your pooch into the polling station, here are some guidelines.

Dogs may not yet be entitled to vote but they are allowed to come and watch as long as they don’t disrupt the vote. According to previous guidance issued by the Electoral Commission, dogs must be in an “accompanying” role rather than “free-range”.

In cases where a voter has two or more dogs and will struggle to control them while casting their ballot, polling station staff may hold the dogs’ leads. Rural constituencies might have cases of voters riding to the polling station. In such cases, horses and ponies should be tethered up outside. There is no guidance on other animals such as rabbits, ferrets or pot-bellied pigs, so any decision will be at the discretion of presiding officers.

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