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VAULT139: We chat with managers Daniel & Marcus about the infamous weekend events…

A Very Relaxed Dress Code: GLL catches up with Vault 139 Managers, Daniel & Marcus, to learn about the infamous weekend events…

All or Nothing is at Vault 139 on Saturday and Sunday nights, tell us about the dress code.

Well, it really is what it says on the tin! All or Nothing is a night designed around being free. If you feel like wearing a shirt with nothing on the bottom, you’re free to do so. In the mood to just strip it all off for everyone to see? It’s fair game. The list goes on!

Do people wear fetish gear?

The guys love to dress up and down for it. We always see a variety of harnesses, jocks, pup hoods, masks, leather and even skirts. People put in the effort and it definitely doesn’t go unnoticed.

How many go fully nude?

Quite the majority will go fully nude, even if not straight away. Nine times out of ten, the guys who feel a little shy at first will grab a drink and watch, and those who are already stripped down do a very good job of helping them feel comfortable enough to take the plunge.

What would you say to a newbie thinking of going for the first time?

Come and check us out. Before we even knew what the place was, it was introduced to us by some friends on a night out around Soho. We came on a busy Thursday naked night, feeling a little apprehensive but also ready to try something new. We had always wanted to try a naked night in a bar setting, as we liked nude beaches. We lost our friends after the first drink but had so much fun along the way!

Vault 139 really does have a charm to it and there’s no pressure at all here. Over the past year of working as a manager and speaking to lots of different people, we’ve watched their confidence grow so much from the first night to the next and the next and the next.

Vault 139, 139-143 Whitfield Street, W1T 5EN,
Nearest Station: Warren Street. Open everyday 1pm-1am All or Nothing is on Saturday and Sunday, 7pm-1am

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