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Vault 139: It’s time to unlock!

Covid has been a forced chastity belt on many gay men, but with lockdown ending, we can unshackle and head down to Vault139 once more for the all-out uninhibited frenzy of pleasure that this underground venue offers.

Vault139’s single door is barely noticeable from the street. Once through that door, you descend down narrow stairs to what initially appears to be a dead end. Like a sleazy speakeasy, you have to be buzzed through an entrance to get into this bar.

The steel metal walls emulate a bank vault, with leather furnishings and a parquet flooring all bathed in flattering dim coloured spotlights. Metal chain link curtains hang around the bar area that lead to various rooms, corridors, and dark dead ends. Once you have checked your belongings in the free coat check and had your free drink for Dutch courage, you can venture beyond the curtains, then Vault139 reveals its true nature.

Hidden behind these curtains you will find playrooms, private rooms, glory holes, and men. Men of all ages, races, sizes, religions, and marital statuses. You will find your twinks, your daddies, your plus size and fifties, and everything in between. Part of Vault139’s appeal is its broad customer base and its ‘come one come all approach’. It’s a low-key approach that relies on reputation rather than representation to pull the punters, it has helped to make it the sex destination for Londoners and tourists alike with people travelling to London just to visit here.

We spoke to the fellas at the vault to get the reopening gossip so we can be first in the queue.

GLL: When are you reopening?

Today! Monday 19th July.

GLL: Are you planning a big re-opening party?

God no, we will be swamped as it is. We will be straight back into our regular schedule of events, Stripped Monday and Thursday nights, Underwear Wednesday nights and Sunday afternoons and the phenomenal Saturdays where you can strip to underwear, naked or stay clothed. The rest of the time it’s traditional clothes on Cruise which has always been popular.

GLL : Tell us what’s been going on while you’ve been closed?

We’ve given the bar a much-needed makeover, nothing drastic just a bit of a lift and tuck to keep it fresh. We also have a membership now. It’s not compulsory, you don’t have to be a member to come in, but membership has benefits and if you join before we reopen you could win a years free entry.

GLL: Tell us more about your new membership and what you get?

Discounted entry, loyalty card, free entries and as mentioned before a chance to win a year’s free entry. We hope to expand on this once we are back up and running. You can find out all the info on how to become a member at www.vault139.com/membership or just download the app on whatever device you use.

GLL: How’s the team been during lockdown?

Thankfully all are well, healthy, and vaccinated. most are returning when we reopen and we have some new faces to add to the team that we think will go down very well with the customers.

GLL: What are you most looking forward to when you open up?

The same thing that our customers are looking forward to. A mile of dick and a mountain of ass.

Vault 139 is located at 139-143 Whitfield Street, London, W1T 5EN, United Kingdom.

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