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TV’s style guru Joey Bevan goes deep on what to wear on your Valentines date

Valentines, Fashion and Bears, Oh My!

Let’s face it lovebirds, Valentine’s Day is approaching whether you like it or not. For some of the lucky people who managed to book a date, you now have that difficult decision – what the hell are you going to wear? Style is the first thing people see and is a visual representation of your own personality. It’s a way of expressing who you are, without even saying a word. So, where do you start? 

When deciding on an outfit, I first think about where the date is taking place and what the activity will be. I’m going to run over some scenarios and the best looks that could work for you.

Let me try and take some of that stress out of the date before you pull out your whole wardrobe and leave a pile of clothes on your bed – a bed you may want to use if they are HOT! Well, it’s Valentine’s Day after all and Cupid loves to surprise us with a “Prick” of Loveeee! 

The Museum 

I absolutely love a guy who books an ‘out of the box’ date, especially if it’s in a museum. Call me a weirdo, but the Natural History Museum is hot. These dates always show what kind of person you are getting, someone who clearly likes culture and history – perhaps an intellectual type who doesn’t take himself too seriously. If you’re flirting around dinosaur bones or catching their eye under the giant blue whale, you want an outfit that matches the fantasy – think Jurassic Park! I know it sounds ridiculous, but it works for me. I always think how would Dr Ian Malcolm or Dr Alan Grant dress? You know, that sexy Geography teacher meets Indiana Jones vibe. Play with print, something that will spark conversation. Vintage pieces work well, especially if the person likes history.


The Lunchtime Coffee and Walk

I don’t know if it’s because I’m 36, but as I’ve got older. I really enjoy a daytime date. A nice long walk, some brunch or lunch and that daytime light to really see if you fancy them! These kinds of more relaxed dates suit me to a tee. Layers and textures are important if you are going inside and out. Maybe it’s a walk in the woods or a stroll down Southbank but if you fancy grabbing a coffee or a bite to eat, you want to be able to delayer. Adding a denim jacket between your coat and outfit can add a chic, effortless look. It also creates a more relaxed vibe, because who wants to be overdressed on a day date? A sexy man in a knitted jumper always wins in my books – maybe it’s because I have a thing for fisherman’s and lumberjacks – and the same goes for a boot. Add fun accessories, such as a scarf, faux leather or suede gloves. 

Night in

Let’s face it, sometimes we just want a good night in, you know ‘Netflix and chill’ (Am I showing my age?) You don’t want to look too dressed up, as you’re going to be sitting on your sofa most of the night. You also want to think about later – if you wear something smart, you’re going to have creases all over your body later when it all comes off. Let’s be honest, this kind of date normally has one outcome, so don’t overthink it. As the huns of the world would say ‘a pair of jeans and a nice top!’. And they’re right – wear denim with a stretch so you have fewer skin creases, and think soft and comfy textures because that’s an extra excuse to cuddle up on that sofa. You want things that are easy to get off for when you start to ignore the film and you’re snogging each other’s faces off. Don’t forget about the socks and underwear – show your personality in your socks and your sexiness in your pants! 

The Flashy Moment

We all know that one guy, who likes to show off on a first date – somewhere like the theatre, an art exhibition or something you would see on Sex in The City. Most of the time I choose to use this kind of date as an excuse to turn up the style and really show off my personality. Tailoring and classic silhouettes are a perfect choice. You can go for classic styles but choose colour. Suits don’t always have to be navy, black or grey. Try a monochromatic coloured look, which means wearing separate colours that have different textures and/or similar shades for an overall tonal look. Mixing tailored separates in one tone can be very flattering. Play with textures like corduroy, tweed, wool, silks and other fabrics, because who wouldn’t be able to keep their hands off you when you feel that good. Susannah Hall Tailors on Clerkenwell road is an inclusive Tailors and offers bespoke pieces for anyone, whoever you are. 

You can catch Joey here next month for a new round of fashion tips and hints.

If you can’t wait, follow him on Instagram @joeybevan

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