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UOKHUN? : We catch up ahead of their loft takeover at TRADE.

OG Trash Queens of the East London queer scene UOKHUN? have sprinkled their clubbing magic from notorious toilet raves in Ibiza super clubs to parties in London strip bars and church basements. With a high-energy soundtrack from Resident DJs Victoria Peckham, Rita Lin, and Sophie Joy Uokhun? serving up beats, campery and chaos, it’s all about the big love vibez at their Loft Takeover Trade session on Saturday, February 25th.

Primed to keep things hot, sweaty and gagged…in the words of Shania…”Let’s Go”

You’re a group of DJs and promoters and can you tell us how you came
together and what your music and party styles are? How would you describe
what you do?
When me and Victoria met (we are a couple) , she was running away to Ibiza for the
summer and I was only meant to visit for a holiday. Anyway I sacked my job off in
London and stayed with her for the season where we ended up working for a Rave
on a boat called ’Lost In Ibiza’! The promoter of this party is an icon on the Rave
scene and taught us everything we know and when we came back to London we
decided we wanted to throw a party for people just like us. We felt that there wasn't
enough mixed nights for people who just want to escape, have a dance and get on it
to good music regardless of your sexuality. I’d say our music style is party party,
House, good vibes, high energy and unhinged. Victoria has a background in cabaret
and producing shows so we made it a Rave with pop up performers and random
acts. It's about inclusivity and uniting people with dancing and laughter.

Did other clubs or scenes inspire you to set up Uokhun? Or was it other
Sink the Pink is, Manumission, Lost In Ibiza , TRADE of course. Those club nights
that started from just raw energy, by people who make parties that they would want
to go to for sound people who are out for a good time. We started our event out of
pure love and everything we do is for the people who buy a ticket to our events.
You’re coming to play at Trade and how does it feel to be hosting The Loft on
Saturday February 25th with fellow East London troupe, Sue Veneers?

What can clubbers look forward to during your session and what will you bring to
the party?
This is a monumental gig for us, to play for such an iconic party, especially getting to
host alongside the hottest collectives in London atm. We’re going to bring the love,
the good energy, vibes, and fun. We’ll be bringing our most outrageous crew of ravers
so expect all the looks. In The Loft Is gonna be a journey of vocal feel-good
jacking house pumpers.

Is there anyone you’re particularly excited about to catch on the Trade Line
Literally everybody! Maze and Masters are a fave of ours…Guy Williams is an
absolute legend and of course Nicole Moubader and Eats Everything will be off of its

Are there any unique stories about your musical journey that you can share
with us and what have been your highlights so far?
I think what makes our journey unique is that we have worked every aspect of club
life from selling tickets to clubbers to working doors to now putting nights on
ourselves. Everybody we book now we were all right with at the beginning of our
careers and it’s really cool to see us all doing gigs we could only dream of. As we
progress we still keep that excitement…this means everything to us and everything
we do pays for the next event. One story that makes me laugh is Faithless almost
agreeing to a gig in Bethnal Green for 50 quid cos we met them in Pikes haha.
5 Things that make a Party
The people, The music , a good smoking area for a Chinwag, Great sound and
friendly security.

Challenges along the way?
We started what we do from scratch and no money, so at first we were very limited
with how to pay DJs…it always ended up being with something they asked for –
haha. The fact we are queer women running a night together at the time wasn't really happening. But mainly the biggest challenge has got to be corona virus which was
obviously devastating for the entire scene.

And what plans do you have for the future?
To be able to keep creating a space for people like us. Travel more with our crew! At
some point we want to collaborate with other DJs and collectives with events and we
would love to get to a point where we can expand our residents and Dancers, so we
can create even more carnage.

Uokhun take over The Loft with Sue Veneers and Special Guest DJ Paulette at
Trade on Saturday, February 25th 2023 at Egg London. Kicking off at 6pm and going
straight through till Sunday morning, Main Room headliners include DJs Nicole
Moudaber & Eats Everything (Special Trade set). Spread out across 2 rooms DJs
include Anahita Shamsei, Andy Farley, Daz Saund & Trevor Rockliffe, Frankel &
Harper, Guy Williams, Kyle E, Maze & Masters, Pagano, Sharp Boys, Smokin Jo,
Somme Farris, the Blonde Spirit, BK
The Loft: Uokhun? featuring DJs: DJ Paulette plus Victoria Peckham, Rita Lin,
Sophie Joy
Sue Veneers featuring DJs:  Bryony Masters, Chester Hayes, Faff and Marie
Performers Jane Norman – Kaiden Ford  – Mairi Houston and Paris TuBoleyn
Admission: Early Birds Sold Out; 2nd ReleaseTickets from £25 from
RA: https://ra.co/events/1627627
Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1072945666908455

2 weeks to go and DJ Paulette Makes her debut as Special Guest on the Middle Floor

+ debut sets from Eats Everything Playing A Special Trade Set

+ debut from Sue Veneers 

+ The Loft Takeover with UOKHUN? & Sue Veneers 

Ground Floor headlined by Nicole Moudaber and Eats Everything 

Saturday February 25th 2023

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