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TULLEY’S SHOCKTOBER FEST: It’s Time For The Fright Of Your Life!

Head over to Creepy Crawley for what’s always the scariest event of the year! TULLEYS SHOCKTOBER FEST!!

Right, So summer is holding on for dear life, for now, but we think it’s time to get onto the main event of the year — Halloween. It’s called Spooky season right?, so we can get into the spookin’ spirit from right now at Tulley’s Shocktober Fest.

Every year since 1996, this unassuming farm on the outskirts of Crawley is transformed into the biggest scream park in Europe full of terrifyingly immersive rides, unforgettably chilling street theatre and ghoulish attractions. Whatever it is that sends the willies up you — zombies, clowns, deranged butchers with chainsaws — you’ll find them lurking in some dark corner here and ready to pounce.

Anybody who’s been before will be able to tell you this isn’t just a few plastic cobwebs and a couple of out-of-work actors in bad masks — the attention to detail in the installations and performances makes it a night out that will have even the toughest of your friends going white as a sheet.

When you need a break from being scared senseless, there are two stages hosting live music acts and a resident DJ spinning haunted bops, plus a pair of bars and all sorts of street food stalls.

If you’re thinking of making a pilgrimage to this extravaganza of all things gruesome and gross, you can drive over there in around an hour and a half from the middle of London. However, you can also catch a train down to Crawley or Three Bridges and hop on one of the shuttle buses to the site.

Be warned, though — you’ll be having nightmares afterwards until at least next Halloween…


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