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Tuesdays are Cruisedays for Students at Vault 139

 Tuesdays are Cruisedays for Students

…as is every other day of the week at Vault139, to be fair

We’re of the opinion that cruising is an experience during which you’ll get to know a whole lot about yourself. What you like in a man. How to deal with rejection. The best way to navigate a low-lit space while maintaining an expression of inscrutable aloofness. It’s all very important stuff that you’ll draw upon time and time again as an urban homosexual, so it’s best you pick it up early.

Fortunately, the good people at Central London cruise bar, Vault 139, offer free entry to students on Tuesdays all day. The same offer applies to Blue Light Card holders (that’s your NHS workers and military types), and to those 25 and under on Wednesdays and Sundays. Just bring your appropriate ID – a complexion free of crow’s feet won’t cut it, sunshine – and head down the steps into the venue’s network of dark corners and glory holes.

Free cruising. What a world, hey?

We can almost hear the more cynical of readers saying “yeah, but surely all cruising is free if you do it outside.” And they’re right of course. But this is the UK. Who really wants to stand around in a damp, cold graveyard on the off chance that shadowy figure in the distance is after the same thing, as opposed to, say, just a hetty walking their dog? Why not pop into Vault 139 instead, order a drink at the bar and tap your feet to the sounds of DJs Johnny Yihi and Danny Pitman while you scout around the room for a hot bit of talent?

There’s a range of different events throughout the week, starting from daily clothed CRUISE sessions to the popular “NKD” naked and UNDERWEAR parties, Saturday night is “ALL OR NOTHING ” a party that encourages you to get your kink outfit on,dress up, or get NKD ! with all sorts of guys passing through the door.

So take a break from writing your dissertation and start learning about the things that really matter. All for free as well.

139-143 Whitfield Street, W1T 5EN, open 1pm-1am everyday, vault139.com


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