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TRADE Announces 2nd Wave Of Guests: UOKHUN? & Sue Veneers!

Featuring DJs Victoria Peckham, Rita Lin, Sophie Joy + A Very Special Guest To Be Announced

Plus Sue Veneers with DJs Bryony Masters, Chester Hayes, Faff and Marie Malarie 

+ Performers Jane Norman – Kaiden Ford  – Mairi Houston and Paris TuBoleyn

Saturday February 25th 2023

The original club that broke all the rules Trade announces its second wave of guests as East London’s queer clubbing sensations Uokhun? and Sue Veneers takeover The Loft with an intergalactic cast of DJs and performers.

OG Trash Queens of the East London queer scene UOKHUN? have sprinkled their clubbing magic from notorious toilet raves in Ibiza super clubs to parties in London strip bars and church basements. With a house, disco and pop soundtrack from Resident DJs Victoria Peckham, Rita Lin, and Sophie Joy Uokhun? serving up beats, campery and chaos, it’s all about the big love vibez at their Loft Takeover Trade session. Primed to keep things hot, sweaty and gagged…in the words of Shania…”LET’S GO GIRLS!!

Uokhun have a Special Guest DJ to announce at the beginning of February.


Goin’ in alongside Uokhun are Sue Veneers, an esteemed performance collective of DJs, dancers and hosts that have bought their unique day glo energy to festivals such as the Mighty Hoopla, Boomtown Fair and Elrow. Founded by choreographer and Resident DJ Chester Hayes, their Trade Takeover debut also features Bryony Masters, Faff and Marie Malarie. Live Performances  come from the creme de la creme of the East London Queer scene including Jane Norman, Kaiden Ford, Mairi Houston and Paris TuBoleyn. In true Sue style & words…”We’re a stumble of Sues!!!! “

Chester Hayes from Sue Veneers

‘Often Copied, Never Equalled’…Trade returns for a huge gathering welcoming a whole cast of new DJs, performers, lasers, and like-minded co-promoters lining up alongside some of the iconic celebrated Trade Resident DJs & Special Guests Nicole Moudaber & Eats Everything playing a Special Trade Set.

TRADE (who undisputedly changed the rules of clubbing) promises to be a hugely mesmerising night, underpinned by iconic and cutting edge production all fired up on Egg LDN’s huge sound system. Is anyone going home till the last beat drops from Egg’s various dance floors and terraces!

Bringing everyone together for one of early 2023’s biggest dates in the clubbing calendar.

“It’s amazing that Trade still touches a vital chord in the current electronic clubbing landscape and I think it’s down to our constantly evolving and updating approach. We always honour what’s been before but actually what’s really exciting is keeping Trade at the cutting edge both musically and in terms of production. And of course our wonderfully inclusive up for it crowd that never want to go home. See you on the dance floor”

Laurence Malice, Trade Creative Director & Founder 

Trade continues to offer a safe space for everyone, one that’s inclusive and also one that champions the ever-evolving sounds of underground clubbing. With a huge demand from its loyal following, Trade is ready to serve up a unique slice of clubbing as part of its long awaited return to the capital.

See Ya On The Dancefloor Hunz!

Listings Info

Event: Trade

Date: Saturday February 25th 2023

Venue: Egg London, 5 – 13 Vale Royal, London N7 9AP

Time: 8pm – 9am and beyond…

DJs Nicole Moudaber & Eats Everything (Special Trade set)

In alphabetical order: Anahita Shamsei, Andy Farley, Daz Saund & Trevor Rockliffe, Frankel & Harper, Guy Williams, Kyle E, Maze & Masters, Pagano, Sharp Boys, Smokin Jo, Somme Farris

Loft: Uokhun? featuring DJs: Victoria Peckham, Rita Lin, Sophie Joy + A Very Special Guest TBA

Sue Veneers featuring DJs:  Bryony Masters, Chester Hayes, Faff and Marie Malarie 

  • Performers Jane Norman – Kaiden Ford  – Mairi Houston and Paris TuBoleyn 

Admission: Early Birds Sold Out; 2nd ReleaseTickets from £25 from RA: https://ra.co/events/1627627

Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1072945666908455




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