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TOPHER TAYLOR: We’ve found his T-Spot!

Formerly “Sex With Topher” , the T-Spot is an ‘Apple Podcast Top 5’ charting podcast that’s all about judgement-free INTIMACY & unapologetic SEX talk. The no-holes-barred (literally) podcast addresses sexuality for all adults of all genders and sexualities – and features special guests from all walks of life. Alongside dedicated sex education episodes.

We wanted to find out MORE from it’s award-winning sex educator, writer, & adult toy expert, Topher Taylor.

Topher Taylor

GLL: We all know you as the resident ‘sexpert’ for the scene, but what made you decide to get into podcasts?

TT: Aww thank you, I appreciate that. Just an old slapper with a microphone, aren’t I? I actually have you (Chris) to thank for boosting my career enormously when you gave me the QX Men magazine column. Doing a podcast was never my idea, to be honest. I was interviewed for a few podcasts, and one of them that I fronted went into the charts at number 1 – so the producer of that podcast suggested I should do my own and has been working with me ever since. I just love doing it. 

GLL: I know you get messages on a regular basis, asking for advice – what do you think has been the most interesting / eye opening thing you’ve been asked (we might regret asking this)!

TT: Oh gosh! Loads. It’s hard for me to decipher what’s normal and what’s shocking, sometimes. I think when someone had bought the exact outfit that I was wearing in an Instagram selfie – and send a video of them playing with their anus, quite rigorously, and asking what I thought about it. He got instantly blocked; I have no time for that unsolicited nonsense. I get very bored with nudes being sent to me. I’ve seen penises, many, many items. If you want to impress me, write me a handwritten letter. 

GLL: How did it feel when your podcast went top 5?

TT: Incredible. It totally took me by surprise. I thought I must have been misunderstanding something – and convinced myself it was to do with my phone’s algorithm. But then I started getting loads of plays, and checked the official charts and THERE I WAS! It’s mad and I’m genuinely so grateful to everyone for listening. I really enjoy doing the podcast, so to have it ‘received’ is the best thing that can happen. I hope it helps and the feedback I get from people is wonderful. I really appreciate it so much.

GLL: What’s prompted your re-brand? 

TT: I came up with the name ‘Sex with Topher’ when I was having a conversation with my colleague about potentially doing a podcast, and stupidly didn’t look up to see if there were other ‘Sex with…’ pods out there. It wasn’t until I did the second episode that I clocked there’s a huge podcast/radio show in the USA called ‘Sex with Emily’. Also, I keep being censored and all of my social media pages for Sex with Topher kept getting deleted. ‘Sex with’ seems to prompt censorship, especially if you’re queer. We get targeted a lot more than your average joe. 

So, I wanted to change it, and I chose ‘The T SPOT’ which I much prefer. It rolls of the tongue easier and I like things rolling on my tongue – hence why I’m in this industry. Also, I’m a Madonna fan, so a little reinvention every now-and-then won’t hurt. 

GLL: Your content doesn’t shy away from the hot topics *ahem* – can you give us a hint of what to expect from the new series?

TT: I have loads of exciting guests coming up, including people from backgrounds you really wouldn’t expect to be discussing sex. Think religion, those involved with big politicians. I think it’s really important to normalise sex, even with those we don’t acknowledge as being overtly sexual people. I have all of this alongside openly asexual characters. All the interviews are planned to be done in my flat, too, so I’m excited to have intimate and comfy conversations from the privacy of my own home. It’s very much like inviting the listener over for a cuppa and a chat about people’s sex lives, experiences, relationships, and fantasies. This series is going to be very ‘intimate’. That’s the word that keeps coming to mind: INTIMACY.

Also, I’ll be inviting up-and-coming sex educators on to help get their names out there. I think it’s time I start paying it forward. One is recording an episode with me ALL ABOUT sucking willy. She’s amazing and I can’t wait for you all to meet her. 

Topher Taylor

GLL: What advice would you give someone starting to explore what turns them on?

TT: Don’t be shy. Life is short and honestly: GET TO KNOW YOUR BODY. It’s so much fun. Sometimes you’ll try something and realise it really wasn’t for you after all, but you don’t know if you don’t try – right? There is so much available information on the internet for you to start exploring – but if you’re ever unsure – DM me! I can point you in the right direction and everything you tell me, stays with me. I’m very discreet and loyal – believe it or not.

GLL: Finally: Cockring, or nipple clamps?

TT: Personally – Cock ring. My nipples are very sensitive so I just like to sit on guys laps and make them suck them. It’s also hot to watch that, especially if they have a fresh fade and you can stroke it as they’re doing it… *drifts off and stares into distance*. Ahem – yeah, I don’t want them clamped.

Cock rings are great for performance and sexual confidence. Plus, there are so many on the market with SO many different functions – for stimulating the surrounding areas as well as your partner(s). They’re an exciting staple to have in the boudoir. Again, if you need help choosing one, my DM’s are open.

The T Spot is available now to download and listen from al the usual places.


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