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TOPHER TALKS: Topher Taylor talks to Amadeus about that ‘content life’!

GLL’s very own blonde bombshell Topher Taylor talks to Amadeus about that ‘content life’!

Tell us who you are!

My stage name is Amadeus. I’m 35 and I live in Manchester

What led you into ‘content life’?
I just started as just some extra money when only fans became a thing back

in 2017. But I had been doing adult photo shoots and some p*** movies back in 2009 until 2015. So once this online creation became a thing, I decided to put more effort into it and more time, and then having a social media like Twitter really grew my page a lot and getting a lot of fans and followers helped me immensely, and then sharing my content on different websites, photos and things like that. Because back then in the beginning there was nowhere to kind of show your content like that other than Tumblr and then Tumblr died when they took off adult content. So, I’m kind of one of the first few to be on the page really.

How do you go about planning scenes and keeping the content looking organic for the viewers?

So, I tried to work with people that I am attracted to or have some kind of connection to because that makes it way easier to film something if we don’t get on. We have no sexual chemistry. It doesn’t really work and for me personally, I can’t hide my emotions on my face. So, if I don’t like something or I’m not really into it, my face will show all my emotions and my fans know that when they will reply to me on a message saying you weren’t really into that or the video was hot. But you weren’t emotionally there so I have to be aware of that. My face shows everything. Also, if that person’s work with some of my friends or people that I know I will ask them how they were with them and if they’re content was popular to gauge how it would be with my followers


What’s your favourite type of video to make and why?

Favourite type is something that’s very chilled and not too overly planned because then I kind of get a bit of anxiety that we’re not doing what we’re doing to the brief

That is really easy. We just turn on the camera film and then go back to doing it. Not a lot but also there is loads of work to do in the back end. Like if you don’t already pay someone to edit your videos it’s editing. Videos is doing social posts, interacting with fans, and interacting with other creators on social media. Keeping your body in good shape so you’re ready to film with people making sure you look healthy and loads of other things that you wouldn’t really think about


How is work/life balance?

I’ve had to work on that over the years as before I was doing this full-time. I was working a job 6 days a week or so doing night shifts so it was hard to work and make content and do social media as well as doing work. So, I’ve given myself more breaks now that I’m doing a full time and I don’t need to be making content every single day and being on my phone so I tried to keep her regime as I have two dogs. So, I tried to work for maybe 5 hours a day and the other time I’m working on my mental health going to the gym, walking the dogs, seeing friends and not feeling guilty for not working all the time


Would you ever date a fan of your content?

I have a rule where I don’t have relations with fans but never say never. That right person could be the one for me


What would be your dream scene and dream scene partner?

Maybe working with someone that lives in America would be cool. Maybe a penthouse just to make some make a bit more actor-choreographed kind of thing

What’s next for you?

So, I recently signed up my own clothing brand called Nadleeh so I’m picking a lot of effort into that at the moment and trying to grow that into a brand which will be really cool


Where can we find your content?

So you can find my content on only fans, just for fans raw fuck club

Finally – tell us something about you that we’d never expect!

That’s I’m very much into Motorsport formula 1 sports cars. And also, I’m a big nerd for technology and Pokémon and anime.

INSTAGRAM: @tophertaylor  @massively_mode3

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