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TOPHER TALKS: This month, Topher catches up with Suzie Krueger

Ahead of the mammoth 20th Birthday celebrations of iconic club Hard-on on Saturday 21st October. This month, Topher catches up with scene legend. Suzie Krueger

So, tell us a bit about Suzie Krueger. Who are you (to those who, unforgivably, do not know) and what do you do?

I am probably the only gay female promoter in London that organises fetish sex events for mostly gay men over the past thirty years.

What is your history in the queer and London scene been?

Back in 1990, I started off running a women-only S&M party called ‘The Clit Club’ at a pub in Vauxhall, which has now been converted into a Starbucks. If only the customers knew what when on there whilst ordering their morning coffees! And then, in around 1994, I was offered a basement-type space in a rundown building that was being used as an art gallery in central London. It was totally illegal; we had no license – no anything! But we managed to create a bar, a big dance floor with several little play areas. This was unheard of at the time as no venues in all of London were offering safe spaces to have sex in. This is where my club night FIST was born! FIST was eventually closed by the local council and police in 2002. Where did the idea for HARD ON come from?

Well, speaking of it, I used to run a popular sex club night called FIST. (Reader: if you have been on the London scene for a while, you will recognise the FIST branding). After this was shut down, 21 years ago, I thought I was retiring from the scene — but a promoter from the swinger’s scene contacted me and offered his venue. He allowed me to organise gay fetish nights and that was where Hard On developed its roots (or balls shall we say!).

You are currently in the window for Clonezone Soho on Old Compton Street, celebrating a huge milestone. What is the milestone?

We love being in the Clonezone’s window. It is always a show-stopper on Old Compton Street. Our Hard On promotional events at the store have stopped traffic before – literally. This window is to celebrate and let people know about Hard On’s twentieth birthday event, taking place on Saturday 21st October at Union in Vauxhall. It’s hard to believe that Hard On has been going strong for all these years!

How does it feel to have run this hugely successful club for 20 years?

I feel very lucky that Hard On has been successful this long. I am grateful to our loyal following for supporting Hard On over the years – in different venues, countries, and starring different porn performers and adult content creators.

What is a stand-out memory from HARD ON’s run?

There are so many to choose from. It is hard to choose. But I can say that all our birthday celebrations stand out. The birthday events always turn into the raunchiest sex-fest of the year. So, if you are reading this and are curious, do not miss out and come our 20th Birthday celebrations.

What advice do you have for anyone reading this, who fantasises about coming to an event like HARD ON, but maybe feels too nervous?

Please, do come and join us. I appreciate it can be intimidating but we are a friendly and very welcoming crowd. And, we love virgins!

What is next for HARD ON?

To keep going strong and to keep providing the BEST fetish sex night in London!

And finally, tell us something about Suzie that we would never guess.

I am obsessively clean.

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