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TOPHER TALKS: Best Sex Toys For Beginners

As Valentine’s Month comes to an end. I’m never really sure of what V-Day means in the queer community where so much of our scene is sex-focused over sensuality and romance. Personally,

I cling onto the importance of self- love and sensuality with both of my geria-twink hands. In the age of alt accounts, OnlyFans, and constant pressure to have sex appeal on social media, we can all be under a lot of pressure to be sexually experienced. Myself included.

As a sex educator, one of the things I find myself telling people 50 times a week is “TAKE IT SLOW”. You will learn more about your body, your limits, your own sexuality, and what really makes you tick by taking small steps. You actually will. The other thing I say is “TRY SEX TOYS.”

Sex toys are often associated with experienced players, alongside having that aura of shame surrounding them. People with penises are often written off as pathetic for wanking to masturbate or orgasm regularly. It’s hard to not feel this influence when so much popular culture turns wanking into the butt-of-a-joke or a comedy scene in a coming-of-age movie. And that’s not to say that wanking cannot be funny

– because it can be hilarious – but you’re also totally worthy of pleasure and self sexploration.

I want to encourage SELF LOVE for Valentines. That sounds really cheesy, doesn’t it? But I mean literal self-love. Doing pleasurable things to your body – and using my expertise as a sex educator and sex toy developer to recommend some fabulous products for beginners and intermediates. This month I’m focusing on the anus and the penis. And all under £50.


My favourite butt plug at the moment is the TORNADO by Nexus Range.
I was on Channel 5 (looking like an old slag) talking about this plug, as I helped the team at Nexus develop

it from the inception to the finished product. This swirl-textured plug is not intimidating in size as it only has an insertable length of 7.75cm (3.05 inches) and a maximum width of 3.35cm.

The magic of TORDANO is the powerful and smooth rotating mechanism, meaning it ‘tornado’s around inside of you – delivering a unique sensation comparable to rimming and gentle fingering. Inside of its cute shape is a powerful motor that delivers 3 rotation modes, 6 vibration options, and a total of 27 combinations of pleasure. All of which are rechargeable and remote-controlled. So, you can effortlessly lay back and enjoy the ride.

As its coated in silky and firm-yet-soft silicone, the vibrations carry through its shape effortlessly and deliver tingling sensations that almost make you cross your legs. This, plus the rotation, make it one of my must- haves for 2024.

Be sure to apply lots of water- based lube to the TORNADO to get the BEST out of it.


Japanese powerhouse pleasure- brand, TENGA, has been a favourite of mine since 2009. I cannot sing their praises enough, because they consistently deliver products which are intelligently made to satisfy the penis. And all different types of penises, too. Lots of brands patronise penis-owners with their masturbation strokers, thinking anything will do – as long as it strokes and grips.

I wanted to highlight the Tenga 3D Masturbator strokers which are reversible, heavily-textured handheld strokers that deliver effortless and targeted pleasure which can be customised. The customisation comes from which side of 3D you choose to stroke with – the smooth internal side or the heavily textured and swirled outside. It can be effortlessly turned inside-out. They are stretchy, blubbery, warm-to-the-touch, and come with a cute stand that makes them look like a chic piece of art.

If you are particularly sensitive, perhaps the smooth side will be
best. Alternatively, if you’re a little desensitised, go for the textured side. Or, you can chop-and-change to your preference and mood as you go. Just add lots of a good quality lube.

If you want any more advice on any of the toys mentioned, or
any others, you can always reach out to me via DM on Instagram @ TopherTaylor or Twitter @HelloIamTopher or shoot me an email using topher@tophertaylor.co.uk.

I always respond fast to honest questions.


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