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Thinking caps at the ready! Queer Quizzing is HERE!

Bonus points for answering the fastest, take points off another team, jump to first place and lose points for incorrect answers. Just some of the features at a new monthly LGBTQ+ quiz for North London which comes to Islington on Wednesday 15th September at The Angelic. Powered by the SpeedQuizzing app, we will be hosting our first ever LGBTQ+ game show style quiz in person.

18 months since our first launch went down the pan due to the pandemic (no pun intended), Speedqueerzers are really happy to announce the launch date of their quiz! Since April 2020, SpeedQueerzers has been hosting the quiz online for free at least once a week.

A quiz fit for those who love their technology in the 21st century, players answer questions via the SpeedQuizzing app on their phones or tablets. We do have some devices you can borrow if necessary! Rounds include general knowledge, music, catchphrase and a memory test!

This is not a quiz for SERIOUS quizzers as a number of features mean that points can be lost, deducted, gained or even jumps to first place up the scoreboard. Even in the final round, it is not game over for teams at the bottom of the scoreboard!!

Prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place teams as well as spot prizes throughout the Quiz.

Tables are limited to a maximum of 6 (tickets sold individually). Solo attendees are very welcome as we will allocate you to a team with other solo players or smaller teams

Not great at quizzes? “It’s not always about how much you know! Sometimes, it’s about knowing what you know at the right time!” Not necessarily does the best performing team win!!!

The quiz takes place upstairs in the function room at The Angelic. Unfortunately it doesn’t have lift access and is only accessible by stairs.
Update: A food menu is available with a couple of vegan options as well as ‘Wine Wednesdays’. A bottle of wine for £13.
(Still trying to see if we can get cocktails on the night!)

If you are coming as part of a team, I will be in contact with ticket holders to find out who your team mates are and ensure you are all on the same table. Solo players will be put into teams with other solo players or smaller teams!

COVID POLICY: As the quiz is mainly seated aside from the breaks, it won’t see a lot of mingling between players except at tables. We will not be asking for any proof of vaccination nor tests. We recommend taking a self test at home just for your own piece of mind but as it is not a night club or pub scenario, we don’t feel it necessary to be policing this. However, if the Prime Minister changes the rules, then we will have to abide by whatever those rules might be. We understand not everyone will be comfortable with this but we are minimally staffed and it will be difficult to implement checks on the door. Solo players and smaller teams will be teamed up with others to a maximum of 6 per team.

GO SOCIAL!  instagram and facebook: @SpeedQueerzers


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