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The Queenz are coming!

After the year we’ve all had and after Boris has just told us he’s brushing off most restrictions, it’s about time to plan to brush off your best outfit and head down to the London Wonderground.

This season, there’s an amazing array of shows. One of our most favorite to hit London town is QUEENZ, The Show with BALLS… and balls they have and oh my GAWD.. they can SINNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGG! Like really.

5 vocal powerhouses armed with songs, sass, and plenty to say. Ready to spread the word, fly the flag and march to an anthemic new beat. Together they smash down social boundaries and invite the world in all its sequined glory to a non-apologetic pop party, celebrating unity, unicorns, divas, and death drops.

The soundtrack is as eclectic as your favourite party playlist, featuring remixed and reimagined pop anthems from The Spice Girls, Sia, Pink, Little Mix, Beyonce, Madonna, GaGa, Britney, Whitney and everything in between.

DIVERSE, INCLUSIVE & DAMN RIGHT BLOODY VIABLE! Queenz shares a message that’s never been more important. With unity and love at the heart, it’s time to hold hands once again and celebrate life like we’ve never done before!

QUEENZ – The Show With BALLS!

The London Wonderground

17th – 24th September 2021

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Tickets from £16.50(includes £1.50 in fees per ticket)

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