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The Instagram page you need in your life this week

Self proclaimed, Drag, Opera, Theatre, Clown, Queer, Cabaret, Circus. Sometimes all at once. 

From strong messaging for all of our communities to hear, to toilet cabaret videos and reactions to Line of Duty. We are in awe of Le Gateaux. 

His Instagram feed is a mix of getting out there and challenging stereotypes to being an absolute example of Glamour. 

One particular video favorite is Le Gateaux in full drag, wearing something electric pink and flowy, singing Holiday by Madonna. It’s a glorious summer’s day, at Bayreuth Festival, he’s performing outside, alongside a lake with a guy in an inflatable dingy in the middle of it, playing the drums!! this video story is PUREJOY! 

The winner of a number of awards and star of many a stage across London. 

We highly recommend you get a slice of Le Gateaux in your life! 

instagram : legateauxchocolate

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