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The Diva’s Dragony Aunt, Cheryl Hole, is here to answer your September problems

This September we tasked our Dragony Aunt, Cheryl to help 5 of our wonderful readers with the issues they are facing this month and give some advice on how they can be solved.

Here’s what she had to say to our lovely readers:-

Hi Cheryl, 

One of my best friends has fallen out with me, but won’t tell me what I’ve done, I told them they were selfish in my last message and since then we haven’t spoken. Thing is, this has happened before and it’s always the same, me trying to work it out, me coming to them, never from them and I’m always made to feel like the one in the wrong. What should I do?

Ben, Brixton

Hi diva, 

Sometimes in life people come in to our lives to shapes us into the people we are meant to be and put us down the right road were meant to be driving down. It seems like your friend has an issue that they’re not in the place to resolve anything right now. You’ve said your peace with them, they’ve made their bed with their fireman sam bed sheets, I think its probably best to keep driving down the road of your journey and hopefully one day they’ll meet you at service station on the M25. 

Hey Cheryl, 

I’ve been wanting to try drag for a long long time, but have no idea where to start, what are your top beginner tips? 

Chris, Watford

Hello my doll,

I know drag can feel very daunting thrusting yourself in the deep end but its all a journey- if you scroll right back on my instagram you’ll see the journey I went on! Firstly, you need to find your voice in drag, what do you want say/do/put out there with your drag. Really experiment and find your individuality because if you’re just trying to emulate someone else’s drag persona its gonna be hard for people to get behind you. Makeup is so much more affordable these days, there are great products I use that are from boots and Superdrug that are so cheap. And finally, practice, practice, practice- nothing comes overnight so put the groundwork in and the payoff will be beyond! BEST OF LUCK! 

 Hi Cheryl, 

I need your help, I’m not out and have run up over a £500 phone bill to gay chat lines on my mobile that my parents pay for? What should I do? 

Paul, Richmond,  London

Oh my christ! Well Paul we’ve all been there. I’d say burn any evidence on the fire place and flee the country. I’m just kidding, but if your parents are gullible just say your phones been hacked. If not, just say you fell asleep and your sleep-dial instead of sleep walking. I guess thats another if they’re gullible but it might work? Maybe next time, stick to the free cam websites.  

Hi Cheryl, 

I’ve never been out on a date before and I want to ask someone I’ve liked out on a date and I wondered what you would recommend? 

Martin, Bermondsey. London

Hi darling, 

Well I’d take you out on a date if I wasn’t a taken lady myself. But confidence is key, you have to lure the person in. If you’re in person, its all about eye contact its the first thing that people go for when looking at people (unless they have some fab shoes on) but just be your true authentic self, make them laugh and just be honest. It’ll take you far my love! 

Hi Cheryl,  

I think I’m in love with my boyfriend’s brother. We haven’t done anything yet, but he’s always flirty around me and every time I see him, I just swoon. He’s like the better version

Jake, Wimbledon, London.

Jake, where do I begin with this one diva. Maybe suggest a throuple with your boyfriends brother? I’m joking, we don’t do insect here. I think too many hearts will get broken if you start tainting the waters falling for your boyfriends brother. At the end of the day, you got with your boyfriend for a reason- remind yourself of all his pro’s and the things that make you love him and soon you’ll be forgetting about your brother in law (maybe remind yourself of that incase he decides to pop the question) but for now, have a lovely long bath and keep it in the imagination. 

Our Chezza is here to help you every month. To get in touch and put your questions to her, drop Cheryl an email at cheryl@gaylondonlife.co.uk to be part of our November therapy session

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