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The Diva Dragony Aunt: Our Chezza is back to help you this Easter !

Hello, my divalinas! Your Essex queen is back with you once more to bounce our way into another month of us not doing mediocre but being fabulous Easter bunnies (or whichever animal you would like to roleplay as). So whether you’re stressed about what flowers to get for your loved one or which Easter egg to buy in the Tesco aisle, I’ve got your back dolls! No issue is too big or too small for your Chez, which can be applied to some other stuff too. SO LETS HOP INTO IT! 


Hello Lovely, 

I’ve wanted to write to you for a while as I have a bit of a situation. I confided in one of my closest friends about the whats and whys of my old relationship, which finished just over a year ago. I’ve heard last weekend that said close friend is now dating said ex! I’m fuming, but should I be? I feel they knew everything and now they’re dating him WTF?

Joe, Richmond


Hey Joe, what a dickhead! I’m just kidding. Look, we’re all human and entitled to our feelings. This very situation happened to me at uni and I was furious at the moment but over time, I learnt to realise that it was me who closed that chapter, so the door opened naturally for my friend. Every situation is different though. If you feel like your friend sneaked behind your back to seek this out, this isn’t a friend for you — and that’s OK. We grow and evolve as people and it’s OK to grow apart from people. There are so many amazing divas and dolls out there in the world — friends, partners, the lot! 


Hi Cheryl, 

I want to start my own drag night. I’m not a queen myself but feel I’m great at organising stuff. What killer content do you think a drag night has to have?

Juilian, Dartford. 


Hello Juilian, my diva. Now this is what I want to hear…more drag! Let’s take over the world. I honestly believe that the key to a great night is talented queens, a designated show section and a killer DJ. Make sure the door diva has great vibes bringing people in and if you can, get some gogo dancers of all genders to cater to the whole audience. Who doesn’t love a bit of eye candy at a drag show? 


Hi Diva, 

So we’ve all done the whole ‘your grandma’s surname and your street name is your drag name’, but I’m trying to come up with one of my own, What do you think makes a good drag name?

Freddie, Clapham


Oh Freddie, if I had done that, my name would be dog awful. A lot of people tend to go for a female name that they’ve loved their entire life (which makes sense for me) and then often it’s something that correlates or rhymes with that. In all honesty, just pick the first name and if in doubt, just put O’Hara, Michaels or Hole at the end… I’ll welcome you into the family, baby! 


Hey Cheryl, 

I’ve recently been obsessed with The Real Dirty Dancing on Channel 4 (as well as Drag Race Vs The World, obvs) What other shows would you be up for doing if you got the call? 

Pippa, Stratford 


Oh, Pippa, I’m so glad you asked. In all honesty, it would be disastrous but I would love to do I’m a Celeb — mostly as a challenge and to make a fool of myself eating a kangaroo penis. I also want there to be a Real Housewives of Essex. Just because WHY THE HELL NOT!


Hello Cheryl, 

I’ve been with my partner for around four years. Last week, I found a stash of make-up, women’s underwear, and wigs all hidden in a place I wouldn’t normally be in our house. He’s never ever mentioned anything about being into that. How should I approach him? 

Sev, Stockwell. 


Hello, Sev my darling. I don’t think this is anything you should be concerned about. We as humans are inquisitive creatures that explore different avenues during our lifetimes. Your partner is probably just exploring another side to their identity. I do think you should calmly sit down with them and just say ‘hey, I found this wig. I would just love to know where you’re at and what you’re exploring’. If you’re receptive, they’ll open up to you. And if there are any questions, my DMs are definitely open. 

You can catch our Chezza this time next month with another raft of divalicious answers to your questions! Follow Cheryl on Insta @cherylholequeen


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