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The Dance of Life: Ashley Glazebrook & iCandy

One half of Twist and Pulse — the street-dancing duo that won Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions — Ashley Glazebrook became a new dad earlier this year.

We caught up with him to see how he’s adjusted from performing in front of huge crowds to looking after a little one!

GLL: Hey Ashley, you’ve had Tillie in your life for half a year now — how has fatherhood been so far?

AG: Fatherhood has been everything I expected and more. I’m loving every minute and feel so grateful every single day. It’s completely changed my mindset and my purpose in life. Everything I do, I do for my daughter and my family. She’s my inspiration and pushes me every day to be the best Dad that I and Liam (my fiancé) can be.

GLL: Could you tell us a little more about your surrogacy journey?

AG: It’s quite a lot of information to take in at first but researching and chatting with others that have gone through a similar journey was the best decision we made. We met our lovely surrogate through a private surrogacy group on Facebook and hit it off straight away. We chose gestational surrogacy, where we picked an anonymous egg donor (not our surrogate’s egg), made embryos separately using the same egg donor with myself and Liam’s sperm, and our surrogate carried them for us. The whole journey was so amazing and an experience we will never forget. I’ve actually filmed content where I speak about the journey in more depth which is on my Instagram and TikTok if you wanted to find out a little more.

GLL: Has it been difficult to get your life baby-ready?

AG: The first day Liam went back to work and I was a stay-at-home dad, Tillie had an appointment at our local health centre. I was super on time and organised as I knew everything takes twice as long when you have a baby to get ready. I was just about to leave, Tillie was in a lovely fresh outfit and she was sick everywhere! She threw up past the bib, soaked into her Babygro and straight onto her vest, so as you can imagine, it was a full outfit change, clean-up with wet wipes and starting again. One of our absolute essentials has been a brilliant pushchair. We have our lovely iCandy Peach 7 Designer Collection Cerium pushchair and it’s the smoothest pram out there. Tillie loves it and as soon as she’s in the luxurious carrycot, she’s fast asleep.

Ashley & Liam

GLL: What one piece of advice would you give to someone in the LGBTQIA+ community contemplating parenthood?

AG: We all have the opportunity to become parents and if it’s something you’ve always wanted to be, then go for it! It’s the best thing that’s happened to our family and in the early stages of our relationship, we didn’t even know that surrogacy was an option for us.
What I love about surrogacy is that it allows any person that may be struggling to naturally conceive or actually can’t physically be pregnant for whatever reason to become a parent. And to all the amazing women that carry for others, without you all, it wouldn’t be possible for so many people, especially same-sex couples like myself and Liam. Thank you.

GLL: How have you managed to balance your work and other interests?

AG: Balance was something that actually caught me off guard. I thought I was fully coping, which I was, Dad-life wise but I realised my creativity in my body was starting to take a back seat. After speaking to Liam and my Mum about proactively creating new material and content to keep this side satisfied, I realised I needed that one full day without Tillie by my side so I could fully get into the right headspace and do what I do best.

We are lucky enough to have three sets of Grandparents very local to us which allows me one creative day a week where I can do my thing. I initially felt so guilty (the parent guilt!) to let Tillie leave my side for a day, but it turns out that it’s actually good for her to have special time with other family members and get used to the feeling of neither of her daddies being next to her for a short period of time. Seeing her face when we return is the best thing!

GLL: It might be too early, but is Tillie dancing like her old man yet?

AG: Haha! I love this question. I spoke about this the other day to my friend and I’m praying for a natural rhythm for Tillie. From when she was first born
up until now, I have been tapping her back whilst winding her in time with the music that’s playing in the house. I sing her a little nursery rhyme every time I change her nappy, often a remix that has choreography to it, so I’m trying my best for her to get into that dance lifestyle.

To follow Ashley & Liam on their parenting adventure, follow Ashley’s socials:@ashleytwistglazebrook

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