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Taofique Folarin: Turn Up The Heat This Valentine’s Day

Whether you’re single, in a happy couple or living your best life as a sexy throuple, Taofique Folarin has some fitness tips for all the lovers out there

A study found that sex burns about 4.2 calories per minute for men and 3.1 for women, so unless you’re taking your romp above the twenty-minute average, sex alone isn’t enough to be your regular exercise. However, without a doubt, working out benefits your sex life. Your body engages similar functions when you’re aroused as it would when you’re training – your heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate, and muscles all fire up. That’s why I’m sharing some tips on how keeping fit can keep that flame burning bright in the bedroom and beyond, and exactly which exercises you need to help get those tens across the board from your partner. 


A strong core is crucial for good health, sex included. Strengthening your core will help build muscles around your abs, back, and pelvis, which in return, could make a difference for going that extra mile. A plank-hold is a simple but effective trick to fire up your core. 


Want to improve your thrust and get a tighter booty? Glute bridges and squats not only work the pelvic floor, but they also help your hamstrings and glutes, giving your thrust the extra power to provide your boo and you more pleasure. By working out your glutes, you also build muscle memory which will be helpful when testing out new positions. 


Go the extra mile and prime your body for intense or marathon sessions. To gain that extra stamina, try incorporating HIIT (high-intensity interval training) into your workout, which will give your heart the capacity to keep the body going hard just that bit longer. 


Building upper body strength is paramount if you want to experiment with positions or try new things. Push-ups will build that upper body strength required to seamlessly execute positions that require your entire body to engage. 


There’s nothing worse than getting a cramp mid-move. Improving your mobility and flexibility will let you feel more confident and agile. The pigeon pose enables a deep stretch in your groin, hips, and glutes – try this regularly to eventually find yourself bending into shapes you didn’t know were possible. 


Working out together is fun, challenging and shows your partner that you’re committed to looking after your wellbeing and staying healthy. Exercising releases endorphins, which will make you both happier (or less likely to have a lovers’ tiff ). So before that romantic date, grab your lover – or just your friend – and put your heart through its paces

Remember: There’s no single routine that’s guarantees better sex, but exercise helps! If you need help with your training, hit me up @taofiquefolarin or folarinfitness@hotmail.co.uk

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