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Taofique Folarin: New Year, Same You!

“New Year, New you?” They ask, “No hun, new year, same me.”
You are fierce; you’ve been fierce and will always be fierce.

How can we expect to magically morph into a brand new person just because the calendar
flips a page into a new year?

This 2022 try not to be so hard on yourself and move at a pace that works for you.
January is here, the month of cold weather, dark mornings, forgotten resolutions and the
lingering aftermath of the festive period. It is also the peak season for Seasonal Affective
Disorder (SAD) and the month of the supposed saddest day of the year, Blue Monday,
which falls on January 17th.

But January doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom
Here are my Top tips to beat the January B – L- U – E – S

Avoid unrealistic New Year’s resolutions because they can negatively affect your well-
being and may leave you feeling guilty if you do not reach your goals.

Instead, use the SMART technique to set your goals for the year.

Specific – Don’t be vague; making a concrete goal such as ‘I want to lose 5kg’ is far more
Measurable – Be clear on how you can measure your progress.
Achievable – Setting goals that are impossible to achieve will only trigger stress.
Relevant – Set a resolution pertinent to your values and your values; it should feel
Time-bound – Set a realistic end date for when you aim to achieve your goal.
Look for the light
Get out and about and into the light. Exposure to natural light increases the level of
serotonin in the brain, which is associated with improved mood. When we don’t get
enough sunlight and Vitamin D, our happiness can take a hit. Even getting out on a rainy
or cloudy day will give your body what it needs.
Up Your fitness
One of the best ways to fight depression and improve wellbeing and mood is to work out.
This doesn’t have to mean getting hot and sweaty; a brisk walk can be just as effective.
However, a HIIT workout such as Tabata is perfect for getting your heart rate up and mood

Eat well to feel good
When we feel low, it is easy to run to sugar and junk food. We start to overeat or undereat,
which can make us feel worse. Eating a varied diet with nuts, fruit and veg, dairy, fish,
pulses, and grains will help us feel good from the inside out.
Sleep for your life

Prioritise a good night’s sleep to keep your mood in check; guidelines say healthy adults
need between seven and nine hours of sleep per night. Poor sleep can negatively impact
your mental health and lead to increased irritability, anxiety, and worry. Give your brain the
chance to switch off by reducing your screen time in the evenings

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