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Superclub TRADE Turns 30! We catch up with DJ Kyle E

Having played the final set on the Main Floor at Trade 25 alongside Nicole Moudaber and Christian Smith, DJ/Producer Kyle E is flanked by Berlin’s Boris and Fidelity Castro and Holland’s fast rising Remo Beekwilder for the hotly anticipated marathon Trade 30th Birthday event on Saturday February 12th at Egg LDN.

DJ Kyle E

A stellar backbone to Egg’s LDN’s Saturday night Techno events, Kyle has shared the stage with some of the biggest and most iconic DJs in their field, known for his striking house n techno sets. As Egg LDN’s International musical ambassador too, he’s notched up dates at the Sonar and ADE events, played for Amnesia in Ibiza as well as touring Brazil and Japan. No slouch when it comes to production too,Kyle’s debut release ‘Illusion’ was snapped up for John Digweed’s ‘Live On South Beach’ compilation and he’s released tracks on the Muak, Familia and What Came First labels.

We catch up with him ahead of the mighty Trade 30th.

1. Hey Kyle  – great to speak with you and how are you feeling about the Trade 30th Birthday – the line up looks incredible and everyone’s talking about it.

Of course every Trade party is special and it’s going to be good to see friends and family…and of course have an amazing party.

2. Who on the line up are you excited to check out and what is it about their sets that appeals

I’m more of a go with the flow person. The level of music the DJs and artists playing at Trade is always of the highest calibre so I’m looking forward to checking out as many DJs as possible.

3. Trade is the original all-nighter and what was your first experience of Trade?

Trade’s 18th Birthday at Ministry of Sound. The weather held up that day so we had a great party in the court yard, with one of the stand out sets played by Julie Marghilano who played Live with her violin. She really lifted things to another level.

4. Do you have a standout memory or Trade event and can you tell us why that’s so special to you?

The 25th Birthday was super special. Playing the closing set late in the afternoon in the Garden was one of my most memorable sets. The whole night from the start to finish was on point and I’m hoping to play closing set at the 30th.

5. Would you say Trade influenced you musically and in what way?

Trade influenced not just me musically but the whole clubbing/electronic dance music world with its evolving deep sets. We are in a new time now but the music being played currently could have been played at Trade in ’95.

6. Trade is known for its family vibe, and have you found the family have adopted you and that you’ve made new friends through the Trade parties?

Trade is my family. Being a resident at Egg London (which was built off the back of Trade) means most of my close friends and colleagues have worked with Trade at some point in their career, and so we’re all really close and really linked with great memories of good times.

7. Known for your Egg LDN residency where you mix up everything from house, techno and more, for people unfamiliar to your sound how would you describe it? How does it feel to be back on the decks regularly on Saturday nights?

I would describe my sound as a London sound. Living in the city my whole life and keeping my ear to the ground helps. I would say my music is risk-taking and boundary-pushing however dance floor centric. But that’s only thanks to all the great producers around and playing a lot of my own music and special edits.

8.How have thIngs been for you during the pandemic and several lockdowns? Has it further ignited your creative juices or are you itching for things to be more open and relaxed like travelling to overseas gigs etc ?

I feel blessed having a residency in my home town. The pandemic has meant more studio time which is always good. I have never been big on touring unless it’s with my friends abroad. However I do miss South America as it’s one of my favourite places to play.

9. Who and what were your earliest musical influences and did your family, friends, neighbourhood etc play a part in shaping your journey into music

My family is very musical…you could never walk into our house without music playing. Everything from rare grooves to house might be going through the speakers. Also they love a party as much as I do.

10. What’s next for you in terms of releases and shows and maybe even touring?

Just holding down my Egg LDN residency. I also have some releases coming on my own bandcamp page and on What Came First records which is readying some exciting music for 2022.

11. Would you say since the pandemic are clubbers more up for it?

You’d have to ask them! I am! 🙂

Kyle E play at the Trade 30th Birthday alongside Fat Tony, Pagano, Boris, Remco Beekwilder, Smokin Jo, The Sharp Boys, Tall Paul and more on Saturday February 12th at Egg LDN. Three rooms of DJs including Trade Modern: Boris – Fidelity Kastrow – Frankel & Harper – Kyle E – Pagano – Remco Beekwilder – Tafkanik – VCL – Warboy – Wax Wings

Trade Lite: Fat Tony –  Guy Williams – Hilit Kolet – Jeffrey Hinton – Maze & Masters – Sugarbear –  Smokin Jo – The Sharp Boys 

Trade Classic: Andy Farley – BK – Daz Saund & Trevor Rockcliffe – Knuckleheadz – Lisa German – Paul Heron – Paul King –  Tall Paul – The Blonde Spirit

JUST ANNOUNCED!! ADONIS has just been announced as joining in the Trade 30th Birthday celebrations from 10am on Sunday February 3rd !!

+ 1 Very Special Guest DJ TBA on the day of the event

Tickets:  https://ra.co/events/1482357

More info:  https://www.facebook.com/events/433534565089339/

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