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Summer Sexiness with www.esmale.com

With the heatwave over, we can go back to the normal summer weather we hope!

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So far, the summer has been amazing, long gone are the memories of the indoor summer of the previous years. We are fully out and about strutting our stuff in some Addicted Underwear or other sexy gear enjoying pride, festivals and just being out and about!
The highlights so far in our office have been London Pride, Fetish week and Sitges Pride. Sitges added an extra dimension with the freedom to fly without much hassle and just enjoy the ability to move around again. London Pride also got amazing reviews and we cannot wait to see what Brighton, Manchester, and all the other cities are going to put on for us during their celebrations of equality.

How has it been for you?

With all the drama from the last couple of years, how have you been settling into the normal rhythm of it all? Instead of spending the night at home with a bottle of wine or maybe wanking lube for some, we can now fully engage with what is happening outside your home. Speaking to some of the lads at the office not everybody has been able to seamlessly slot into what was their normal life before. There has been some left-over anxiety for some, and others just don’t feel the same as before. The majority I must say have been throwing themselves straight into the action. Whether this is dancing, going for dinner, holidaying or rocking up at a sauna with your favourite bottle of Liquid Gold dive right in. Looking at our customer feedback we can tell there is a slight shift from sex toys to underwear, harnesses, and stimulants. A clear sign that they are going out for good times, and who can blame them? It might take longer for some, but we are hoping everybody will feel 100% again soon.

What is next this Summer?

Being in the middle of the summer means that there is still a lot to look forward to. As mentioned, we are very much looking forward to Brighton and Manchester pride but one of the main things we love doing is just being outdoors and having a good time with friends and of course making new ones. Am also ready for some real action. It is great to leave the gay dildo and go on the hunt for the real thing. After so much ”online living” I am totally loving real-time flirting again. The stomach flutters you get when someone sexy returns your stare with a smile is one of the best feelings in the world. I am off on holiday later this year as well and my flirting goes in overdrive somehow. When abroad in the sun I seem to get more confident and become way more outrageous with my flirting. It feels like there are different rules when you are on holiday, and anything goes. In fact, it feels like there are no rules at all and I come out with chat-up lines that I would never say when back in the UK. I guess holidays bring the slut-side forward and no night is successful without a good flirt. I don’t need to cop off all the time but a bit of TLC from a perfect stranger is always very welcome. Sometimes I wish I could be my “holiday self” a bit more back home. I guess I care less on holiday. If I get turned down, I just move on but at home, I would be more bummed out and take it way more seriously, which I know makes no sense at all.

Make sure you got everything you need.

Whatever you are up to this summer make sure you are prepared for anything. You would not want to bump into a super hunk and not have your essentials ready to improve the action. Neither would you want someone to pull your shorts down and to be faced with an old pair of undies. Luckily the Summer sale is on at https://www.esmale.com/ and you can save up to 40% on underwear, toys, fetish gear and all your sex essentials. For those that love to use poppers please have a look in the summer sale here https://www.poppersupershop.com/

Have an amazing summer and be you, be kind, be careful and feel free!

With love,

Team esmale x


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