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STUD: The brand new underwear & sportswear dance party launches this Saturday!

Anybody who knows even a smidgen about Manchester’s gay scene will have heard of JOCK — this is MJ Palmer’s hallmark night at which a crowd of strapping northern fellas strip down to their underwear and party the night away. The good news is that you don’t have to jump onto an Avanti train to get a taste of this horny hedonism, as a similar event is launching at ZODIAC this month. STUD’s the name and it’s for gay, bi and trans guys who are encouraged to wear as few clothes as possible — this means underwear, jockstraps and even fetish gear if you’re feeling especially fruity. Added to that, there’ll be gogo dancers and giveaways, plus a DJ or two working their magic

Get ready for a captivating evening of intimate wear and sports kit revelry at Club Z within the vibrant LGBTQ+ venue, Zodiac, conveniently located just a short stroll from Warren St Station.


Experience electrifying entertainment with GoGo dancers, thrilling giveaways, and music provided by DJ Lee Harris. Embrace the dress code of underwear, sports kit, or fetish gear (though it’s preferred, not mandatory).

Hurry, as tickets for this are limited and discounted for our launch. Each ticket price includes a £1 booking fee.

This unforgettable night is proudly sponsored by Justforfans. STUD.



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