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SHEETS OF SAN FRANCISCO: 10 years on top of the sheets!

Nothing kills the mood more than worrying about your Egyptian cotton bedding while you’re getting down and dirty. For the past ten years, Sheets of San Francisco has saved many a mattress and let people focus on the job at hand, so to speak. We caught up with Mark Boulton, one of the founders, to talk about his decade in the biz.

For the uninitiated, tell us all about Sheets of San Francisco?

Sheets of San Francisco manufacture a premium range of fluidproof bedding designed to protect your mattress from all the rough and tumble of an active sex life. Our sheets protect the bed from massage oils, lubes, bodily fluids and even wax and food – the limit is your imagination. From the start, we designed our sheets to feel sensual as well as tough, durable and easy to launder, ready to go again. If the action becomes really hot, the sheets
are even fire-resistant!

How did Sheets of San Francisco come about?

Well, I think a few bottles of Californian Chardonnay may have played quite a part! The business was founded by a group of four gay guys who have been friends for many years, two based in California and the others in the UK. We were brainstorming some uses for fabric and one of us had heard a podcast that talked about bed protection – that’s when the idea for our sheets was born. As we researched the market, we knew the qualities of the fabric that we needed and spent quite some time searching for a suitable technical material until we found the one we use today. We launched in the US ten years ago, manufacturing in downtown San Francisco where we still manufacture today. A year or so later, we began manufacturing in Europe for the European market and we now offer a full range of European and American bed sizes.

What do you have planned for the big tenth birthday?

The actual event will be quite low-key, not least because we are spread across two continents, but we certainly think it’s a milestone worth celebrating. We’re immensely proud of our product and how far we’ve come in those ten years.

Have you had any celebrity orders? Can you spill the beans?

I couldn’t possibly say, but we do have the odd celebrity follower. Quite a few gay porn stars are enthusiastic users.

What’s the strangest use you’ve heard of for any of your products?

Well, one of our biggest clients has several of our throws which he keeps in strategic locations around the house, ready for use at a moment’s notice. He even takes them on hiking and camping trips, both for their original use and for use as ground sheets.

Are there any new products or exciting things we have to look forward to?

We have introduced a number of new products, expanding from our original black range,
introducing first a white alternative and more recently our new vibrant red sheets that you can see on the cover. Moving forward, we will work more closely with some of our clients to introduce new products that we develop exclusively for them. We have one project in development at the moment, although this is under wraps for now.

And finally, we’ve spotted Elvis on your website. Tell us all about him.

We love Elvis! He was made for us by a friend of mine and based on a classic English teddy bear design. We introduced him as a talking point at trade shows and other events. The best way for us to get customers to appreciate our sheets is to let them feel the fabric, and a bear was a good way of doing that, what with having such strong ties to the bedroom.

Elvis is a very cuddly and well-traveled bear and has been seen at events
in London, San Francisco, LA, and more. If you ever see us at an event, please come and give him a hug!

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