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Sex up your dating app chat with Gaydar

In a world of rapidly evolving technology, the concept of joining a chat-room might seem a bit old-school.

Chat-rooms are where multiple can take part in an online conversation – connecting with each and sharing thoughts and opinions.

Gaydar is one of the original gay dating and social platforms – they’ve been in the business for over 20 years – and the chat-rooms have always been one of the most popular features embraced by members of the site.

The latest update to Gaydar has included a total refresh of its chat functionality – that includes the one-to-one direct messages as well as the chat-rooms.

When you log-in to Gaydar’s chat functionality, as well as being able to chat one-to-one with guys in your local area or anywhere in the world, you’ll see that there are also a whole range of different chat-rooms available.

You can join chat-rooms that are based on your location or chat-rooms that are dedicated to topics that you’re interested in. You can join the chat-room and see what everyone is talking about, or you can take your conversation into a private chat if you want to explore a topic one-on-one.

There’s obviously a sexual edge to a lot of the conversations in the various chat-rooms, but there’s also plenty of guys just reaching out to connect with other people in different parts of the world.

Being part of a chat-room is a great way to share thoughts, experiences, and fantasies. 

The chat-rooms are self-moderated by users – anything that seems inappropriate or potentially abusive can be reported to the Gaydar support team.

Obviously, chat-rooms are only as good as what you put into them. If you can’t find a conversation in a chat-room that interests you, why not start a new conversation and see who’s online? You never know who you’ll meet in the Gaydar chat-rooms.

Go VIP and save!

To celebrate the launch of their updated chat platform, Gaydar are offering 50% off their VIP memberships – a saving that you can lock in for an entire year.

Check out www.gaydar.net for all the deals and to get started with a free account.

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