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Serving 80s vibes every week: It’s the ATHENA ’80S Radio Show!

ATHENA put the straight face back into the ’80s, a decade when fierce meant fierce and a surly pout was the essential dance floor accessory. ATHENA has the best music and visuals from the iconic decade and is now in its 5th year as London’s most inclusive fun and authentic ‘80s party.

Your most recent memory of Athena, is probably blasting out 80’s tune across the dancefloor at Eagle, Pre-Pandemic, since then it’s branched out to feed your love of 80’s music EVERY week in the form of the Athena Radio Show. Hosted by Paul Joseph.

We chatted to Paul about the show:

PJ: With nightlife rendered non-existent by lockdown I decided to try make an Athena radio show. Initially called Athena’s Radio Hour it has expanded to be a weekly 90 minute show in which I get to play a huge range of great ‘80s tunes. This includes brilliant tracks that may not work on the dancefloor and more obscure music. The ethos of Athena has always been that there is an entire decade of music so there is no need to stick to just the staples of your average ‘80s night. So within the same episode you might here Spagna or The Sugarhill Gang, Hazel O’Connor or Hazell Dean, Depeche Mode or Debbie Harry. I make sure I research the tracks to give chart listings and bits of trivia. Like who knew Sade is a band, not a solo artist? Or that Tina Turner’s Private Dancer was originally going to be sung by Dire Straits’ Mark Knopfler. Plus I have semi regular features like Athena’s ‘80s Movie Song of The Week or You Sang I Sing where I compare versions of the same song that were released in the decade – like Young At Heart which was released by Bananarama and The Bluebells, and Echo Beach which was covered by Toyah after Martha and The Muffins.

The show has a good following, with many of our regular club customers tuning in, plus lots of regular listeners in places including Chicago, Guatemala City, Sydney and New York. It has been really nice to bring something positive into the drabness of lockdown and it’s something I really enjoy doing it. My radio role models are Jack Killian from late ‘80s TV show Midnight Caller or Adriene Barbeau’s role in 1980 horror The Fog – a calming voice during difficult times! But ultimately it’s about the music so I pack in as many tracks as I can. We plan to be back at The Eagle as soon as it re-opens, but for now, do tune in for a good dose of fantastic ‘80s tunes.

Athena’s ‘80s Radio Show, hosted by Paul Joseph is weekly on MixCloud, with new episodes dropping on a Saturday. https://www.mixcloud.com/athena80s/


Mixcloud – Weekly radio show and special mixes  https://www.mixcloud.com/athena80s/

Vimeo – Video mixes https://vimeo.com/athena80slondon

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/ATHENA80s Twitter – https://twitter.com/athena80sldn Instagram @athena80s

Spotify – Music sampler https://open.spotify.com/playlist/5eL63K96asZ9DBvfRNt7GL?si=908c651751fc4cd7

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