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SCENE SPOTLIGHT: Mike from Vault 139

Today we continue our SCENE SPOTLIGHT series, finding out a little bit more about our scene and the people who run it. Although he is totally camera shy and we didn’t get a lovely picture of him, we chatted with the lovely Mike Houlton, one of the owners of Vault 139 all about the Vault and how it started with his business partner Andy.
Here’s what he had to say:
GLL: How did you and Andy meet?
We worked at the Man Bar together on Great Suffolk street back in the late ’90s before it was all Gordon Ramsey restaurants,  theaters, and posh flats.  What once was a seedy sex club is now a glass-fronted office. Every year we go and lay a used condom and a rose in remembrance.
GLL: Tell us all about The Vault and how it started and its history?
The Man Bar was struggling back then and the owner wanted to retire abroad so we took over the lease and turned it around we had 8 years there and then gentrification took over and we were forced out with very little notice but we didn’t  fuck about and found a new venue and managed to get it up and open before the man bar had to close its doors.
GLL: What do you think makes the Vault different or special compared to other venues on the scene?
We Don’t go to other venues so we couldn’t tell you. We don’t compare ourselves to anyone. We just do what we do, the best we can do it. It’s not about the 2 of us but the customer they make it special. We have a fantastic central location at the intersection of nearly every tube line and offer great value for money as well as a sexy discreet space to relax and have fun with a great team to take care of you.
GLL: If somebody new was coming to the Vault how would you describe it?
Vault is what you want it to be. If you’re looking for a chilled relaxed space to hang out and meet guys then it’s that. If you’re looking for a place to be passed around like a Ferrero Rocher at the ambassador’s party then it’s that.
GLL: Now that restrictions have eased, can you tell us about your exciting plans and what’s on at the Vault?
We have our Christmas party on the 18th December that we are looking forward to. Plenty of free shots prezzies and prizes.
We will also be introducing a few live shows to our Friday nights so keep an eye out for those announcements.
GLL: Finally, we’re buying, what’s your favorite drinks each?
Different drinks for different moods but you can’t go wrong with a vodka soda and fresh lime or a cold lager on a hot day.
You can keep up to date with everything happening at Vault 139 HERE.

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