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Remembrance Monday by Michael Batten opens at the Seven Dials Playhouse this April!

Michael Batten’s latest play sees a seemingly perfect married couple get trapped in a time loop…

Unless you’re a fan of awkward office chit-chat or University Challenge, many Mondays are barely remarkable enough to live on in the memory past Tuesday. However, this humble day is given centre stage in Michael Batten’s latest play.

Remembrance Monday follows the story of Julius and Connor, a married couple who appear to have it all from the outside, ideal husbands who seemingly have it all — the apartment, the careers, the bodies… all that’s missing is the cliché dogs. But, when flickering moments and distorted memories trap Julius in the replay of a singular Monday night, reality bends, leading them both into the haunting grip of some terrifying truths. Intriguing, right?

This is Batten’s latest work after his Offie-nominated monodrama Self-Tape about the world of online sex shows, in which he also starred as the leading man (or camboy as it were). Nick Hayes and Matthew Stathers take on the main roles in this new work, while Alan Souza is directing.

If you want to get meta about it, you can go catch it on a Monday yourself, but whichever day you choose, you’ve got just over a month to catch this original drama penned by a promising writer.


Tuesday 23rd April to Saturday 1st June, Seven Dials Playhouse,
1a Tower Street, WC2H 9NP Nearest Station:
Covent Garden

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