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REGULATION : Take a monster with Bad Dragon

Due to a certain global virus extravaganza, a lot of people have taken up new hobbies in the past two years. Some have learned to bake, others have tried their hand at knitting. Certain intrepid individuals have sought to explore the extreme depths of their rectum and it’s those horny heroes for whom this article is intended.

When your collection of anal playthings is no longer pressing your buttons in the way it once did, you have to set yourself a new challenge and Bad Dragon’s monstrous dildos are certainly that. The company was founded in 2008 to appeal to members of the furry community by making silicone knobs that look like the sort of thing you’d see if Shrek or a Doctor Who villain pulled their kecks down.


As well as being unconventionally beautiful with their bright colours and unique shapes, they also have the added perk of hitting spots you didn’t even know existed thanks to the ridges, bends and bulges. They come in a range of sizes, starting from small ones the size of a fizzy drink can and going up to extra-large ones that are the equivalent of, well, several fizzy drink cans balanced on top of one another.

Head to Regulation’s online store if you want to get your hands — and cheeks — around one of these ginormous creations.


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