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REGULATION: Still dirty at thirty

For the past three decades, Regulation has been gearing up kinksters of all kinds and they keep going from strength to strength

Fetishes are a mysterious thing. You could gather a hundred psychologists in a room and they wouldn’t be able to come to a consensus as to why certain people have certain peccadilloes. Maybe it was a fleeting childhood incident that means the squeak of leather sends jolts to your nether regions, or perhaps you were born with a predilection for the naked human foot. And you know what? It really doesn’t matter why. As long as there’s consent and it’s coming from a place of exploration rather than abuse, just go for it. Pleasure is a good thing, after all.

Perhaps you’re a newbie to the fetish world, which even the most ardent practitioners were at one time or another, and you’re keen to embark on a journey of self-discovery. Where to begin? Well, Regulation is a pretty good start-off point. For the past thirty years, they’ve been supplying queer men and fans of all things filthy with everything they need for a hot time. Whether you’re into rubber or leather, they sell a huge selection of jackets, chaps, suits, boots and almost any item of clothing you can imagine. If you’re more into bondage, there are restraints, gags, binders and chastity belts, while there are also chairs, benches, slings and fuck machines in case you’re setting up your own playroom — what else are you really going to do with that spare bedroom? Elsewhere there are toys galore, ranging from dildos that could double up as traffic cones to electro gizmos that will render your measly right hand obsolete. Frankly, the online store is truly huge and even the most niche of desires can be fulfilled.

Perhaps you’re a bit more old-school and want to hold some of these products in your hand before you open your wallet. In which case, you’ll probably be happy to hear that Regulation has a bricks-and-mortar shop, right in the middle of Soho between Old Compton Street and Soho Square. Spread across two floors, there are shelves upon shelves of goodies from brands such as Mr S Leather, E-Stim Systems and SquarePegToys , as well as spacious changing rooms where you can snap a selfie in your new garms. It’s also the only place in London where you can find BDSM ware from Fetters, a bondage company started in 1978 that makes everything from cuffs to collars, cages to straitjackets.

Whether you’re visiting their web-store or paying them a visit in-person, Regulation is a treasure-trove for those that want to indulge their kinky side, no matter what you’re into.

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