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Pride Month Series: Veronica Blades from Pierce Me London

Our Pride Month Series has been so popular, that we are going to celebrate pride month for one extra day, so we will be asking “What does Pride mean to you?”

We’ve spoken to people from across our vibrant scene and community.

Today we also to Veronica Blades, one of the fabulous piercing specialists at Pierce Me London, the very last in our Pride Month Series.

Here’s what she had to say :

GLL: What does Pride mean to you?

VB: Pride means to me, a sense of belonging, being visible in public space, knowing it’s ok to be queer, that’s it’s normal and nothing to be ashamed of.

GLL: Tell us about your first Pride experience, what & where was it?

VB: My first pride experience was intense it was in Cracow/Poland in 2008 or 9. I was walking with my friend holding hands, while outside of the parade were fascists and radical right people. Aggressive, obviously, shouting homophobic slurs and throwing eggs, tomatoes and sometimes stones, police was dealing with them although they didn’t stop even projectile obviously. I knew that I’m on the right.

GLL: What is your favourite part of Pride?

VB: For me, it’s taking over and finally be in majority, it’s seeking so many people who are finally out and open about who they are as not always it’s safe. It’s seeing all the supporters and that unity, seeing happy families with kids, that gives me hope.

GLL: Do you have a favourite Pride memory?

VB: Being with friends, admired by the straight crowd. Dressed up in fetish gear, out and about, casually, that’s something magical.

GLL: Why do you think Pride is still important

VB: Visibility is important, educating that being non-cis and non-straight is something normal, different but normal.

You can find out more about Veronica and her fantastic piercing work HERE.

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Pic of Veronica by @ibbitsonphotography


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