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Pride Month Series: UOKHUN!

UOKHUN? The OG curators of trash n carnage are heading up Egg LDN’s Pride Special on Saturday July 2nd.

From Ibiza to East London the raving collective of super babez, gayz n strayz  are known for their signature brand of camp chaos and such rave royalty has graced Mighty Hoopla Festival, Ministry of Sound, Pikes and Octan, Ibiza, and held gigs in church basements, East London strip joints and Ibiza super club toilets.

Queer hot mess clubbing at its finest, Uokhun? keep the beats pumping and the people moving in an inclusive not exclusive party for all bodies.

Here we catch up with Resident DJs Rita-Lin and Victoria Peckham


What does Pride mean to you?

Pride is a day of visibility, a day to show out and a day for our community to let our wigs down and shake a leg with our nearest and dearest. It’s all about making noise for the people that need it.

Tell us about your first Pride experience, what & where was it?

My first pride experience was running around the streets of Soho, which used to have big sound systems outside or blaring out of bars at that time. It used to be the best day!..it was just one big gay street rave!

What is your favourite part of Pride?

My favourite party of Pride is the after parties of course!

Do you have a favourite Pride memory?

My favourite pride memory is not losing everybody haha.

Why do you think Pride is still important?

Pride is definitely still important. One of its reasons is to educate the younger community on our history, on why Pride exists, and to remind ourselves thats we still have a way to go! We are important and should be celebrated !

6. 5 Favourite Pride Tracks

Great Pride tune that always always goes off at the right time is C + C Music Factory’s ‘Just A Touch Of Love ‘. There’s so many and must have Frankie Knuckles & Jamie Principal ‘Your Love’…good vibes! It would also be rude not to have some Sylvester ‘(You Make Me Feel) Mighty Real’ in there too !


1. What does Pride mean to you?

A great opportunity to dress up like a sl@g, be amongst other queers and celebrate!

2. Tell us about your first Pride experience, what & where was it?

My first Pride experience was Soho and I had just come out…it was cheeky.

3. What is your favourite part of Pride?

Chatting to random jokes people on the street. And the after-parties!

4. Do you have a favourite Pride memory?

Before it was so commercialised my favourite Pride memories were sitting in Soho Square catching a vibe hearing the music from all over!

5. Why do you think Pride is still important?

What’s important is to maintain Pride in an authentic way for queer people, something that serves us best rather than big companies and straight people on a day out. This is our time to remember our history and celebrate our community, and it’s up to us to create that.

6. 5 Favourite Pride Tracks 

‘Free’- Ultra Nate

‘Groove Is In The Heart’ – Deee-Lite

‘Let’s Have A Kiki’- Scissor Sisters

‘Express Yourself’ –  Madonna

‘Freed From Desire’ – Gala

Catch UKOKHUN at the huge Egg London Takeover this Pride!

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