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Pride Month Series: Rogerio from Libidex

To celebrate pride month, throughout June we will be asking “What does Pride mean to you?” We’ve spoken to people from across our vibrant scene and community.

Today we spoke to Rogerio Alves, E-Marketing Sales Manager from Libidex.

GLL: What does Pride mean to you?

R: Pride me for me is remembering and honouring the trailblazers like  Sylvia Rivera, Marsha P Johnson, Michael Dillon, Eleanor Roosevelt, Frida Kahlo, Josephine Baker. The list just goes on and on and more recently Boy George, Madonna, Kd Lang and all the countless of other activists and artists who paved the way getting beaten all the way, allowing us the liberties and freedom of expression, a lot of us take for granted today.

GLL: Tell us about your first Pride experience, what & where was it?

R: My first Gay Pride, wow I remember it really well. It was back in 1995, we proudly marched from Hyde Park to Westminster and went to Victoria Park to watch Jimmy Somerville, Erasure and Boy George. We went to Heaven afterwards and my best friend from Sao Paulo who was visiting London for the first time befriended Peter Tatchell of all people. Once the disco light trip fantastic was over we spilt onto Old Compton Street for a nightcap and my friend who is closeted to this day said his goodbye to Peter while “Strangers in the Night” was pouring out from one of the bars. It was a surreal but very special moment.

You couldn’t have scripted it or asked for a more EPIC first pride than that.

GLL: What is your favourite part of Pride?

R: I love the march and the activism of it all. To see all the faces in the crowd cheering and celebrating such a diverse movement in total unison is an awesomely inspiring sight and very thrilling, to say the least.

GLL: Do you have a favourite Pride memory?

R: I do indeed. I always seem to be in London for Gay Pride and there is no other place on earth I would rather be. My last pride in 2015 I remember marching from Baker street to the mall dressed head to toes in Madonna’s drag with the “Healthy” cropped top, white lace tube skirt, pixie boots, and lots of rosaries and 80s rubber bracelets. The sun was shining, everyone was so friendly and asking for photos. It was a truly liberating experience.

GLL: Why do you think Pride is still important?

R: Because there are still 70 plus countries in the world where it is illegal to be gay. There is so many countries still killing people for being different, for not conforming to the norms, for being brave and choosing a different path. There is still so much work to be done. So many battles to be won, so many more marches to be marched and Gay pride is what weaves it all together. It is that voice that won’t be silenced.

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