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Happy Pride Month! Our Pride Month Series is BACK for another year! It’s time to celebrate the fabulous people who make up our glorious LGBTQ+ community!

Each day during Pride Month we will be highlighting one of those people. Today, we ask Richard Lambert of Lambco Productions, the man behind some of our favourite LGBTQ+ theatre what pride means to them.

What does Pride mean to you? 

Pride to me is a time when we can remind ourselves everyone deserves to feel proud of who they are, we should all be able to embrace how we feel without fear or judgment – it is exactly our differences that make us unique and adds value to society 

Tell us about your first Pride experience, what & where was it? 

I was living in New York City when I saw my first Pride parade. It was such a happy atmosphere with such high energy and the most colourful costumes.  

Do you have a favourite Pride memory? 

When I had back moved to London my boyfriend and I walked the Pride parade, no idea why but we were wearing angel wings, and we also had our dog Cassie walking along with us. It definitely felt like for the first time I was walking with my own “self-created” family 

Why do you think Pride is still important? 

Now, more than ever, it feels like many parts of society are turning towards the prohibition of freedoms. Following Trump’s election, there’s a feeling that it’s ok, state-approved and even to be applauded to attack on sexuality, drag, transgendered, and gender identity. Discrimination and prejudice is returning. We’ve seen the introduction of draconian laws brought in internationally against freedoms and liberty. Oppression is knocking on our doors even in this country. It’s so important to recognise these movements and battle against them before they take further hold. Being seen helps promote acceptance and knocks back against these prejudices. We all deserve to be loved and accepted with society embracing our diversity. 

You can check out the upcoming productions by Lambco Productions HERE!

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