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Pride Month Series: Athena & 80:20’s Paul Joseph

t’s Pride Month and that means only one thing, the start of our Pride Month Series.

Each day, we’ll chat with people across our fabulous and vibrant scene and find out what Pride means to them.

Today we’ve asked the one and only Paul Joseph, the man behind Athena, 80:20 and Pop Horror with his partner Tim!

What does Pride mean to you?

It’s about community, visibility, celebrating who we are, being together and sticking a finger, or fist, up at bigots.

Tell us about your first Pride experience, what & where was it?

London Pride, 1996, March through the West End then festival at Clapham Common, £3 donation.

What is your favourite part of Pride?

The buzz around town in the few days leading up to it. As in around gay venues and areas, not every business sticking flags up on 1st June.

Do you have a favourite Pride memory?

No. There have been lots but trying to pick them out of the soup of too many years of partying is too much for me. Though I do fondly remember Gina G doing a whole Snow Queen thing in I think 1996.

Why do you think Pride is still important?

Respect for the heritage we have and for those who fought for us to be where we are. Motivation to keep us fighting for where we need to be.

Paul will be putting on a huge Athena Pride Night Party at The Eagle, with all the best sounds and sights of the ’80s to keep your Pride going til dawn.

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