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Happy Pride Month! Our Pride Month Series is BACK for another year! It’s time to celebrate the fabulous people who make up our glorious LGBTQ+ community!

During Pride Month we will be highlighting those people. Today, we ask Matthew Gough, the man behind Brewer Street Yoga, what Pride means to them!

What does Pride mean to you?

Pride is about community, unity, representation, and a chance to be your best and most fabulous self.  It’s not just a thing that happens one day a year: Pride is a state of mind that runs 24/7 365.  But Pride Month and Weekend are an opportunity to be loud and proud and make some noise so those who aren’t quite ready for whatever reason can see there is a life for them that can be full of happiness and joy, and that there is a chosen family who will support and cherish them, and love them unconditionally. 

Tell us about your first Pride experience, what & where was it?

It was 1993.  Back then Pride was a one-day event and it was a March and a Protest, not a Parade and Party. We were activists, campaigning for an equal age of consent (I was legally underage at the time) and demanding a repeal of Section 28.   We ended up in the park where there was a stage with motivational talks by people like Peter Tatchell, but also gay and queer-friendly artists.  There was a fierce unity, everyone working together and recognising we’re stronger together.  But there was also joy and celebration.

It’s a very different event now as much of what we fought for is now part of life.  It’s much more a celebration of individuality and happiness with a focus on celebration and fun rather than survival and equality, but those messages are still at the core of what Pride is about.

What is your favorite part of Pride?

Last year I walked through Central London on Pride afternoon and was in tears at how far we’ve come; there were families with kids, straight-presenting couples, young people, old people, from all walks of life, all there to show their allyship and support for their queer friends and family. The fight is far from over, but things are so much better now than they were.

Do you have a favorite Pride memory?

Yes, but it’s not something to share in print…. 😉

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